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Monster-in-Law (Comedy)
Rating: PG-13 – sex references and language
Production Company: New Line Cinema
Release Dates: USA - May 13, 2005
Jennifer Lopez plays: Charlotte “Charlie” Cantilini
Filming Locations: Los Angeles, CA
Official Web Site

Shall We Dance? (Romance)
Rating: PG-13 - some sexual references and brief language
Production Company: Miramax
Release Dates:
      USA - October 15, 2004
       Argentina - October 21, 2004
       Norway - October 29, 2004
      France - November 3, 2004
       Netherlands - November 4, 2004
Jennifer Lopez plays: Paulina
Filming Locations: Chicago, IL (USA) and Winnipeg, Manitoba (Canada)
Official Web site

Jersey Girl (Comedy)
Rating: PG-13 - language and sexual content including frank dialogue
Production Company: Miramax
Release Dates: USA – March 26, 2004
Jennifer Lopez plays: Gertrude Steiney
Filming Locations: Philadelphia, PA & New Jersey
Official Web site

Gigli (Drama)
Rating: R - sexual content, pervasive language and brief strong violence
Production Company – Columbia
Release Dates: USA – August 1, 2003
Jennifer Lopez plays: Ricki
Filming Locations: Los Angeles , CA
Official Web site

Maid in Manhattan (Comedy)
Rating: PG-13 - some language/sexual references
Production Company – Columbia
Release Date: USA – December 13, 2002
Jennifer Lopez plays: Marisa Ventura
Filming Location: New York City
Official Web site

Enough (Drama)
Rating: PG-13 - intense scenes of domestic violence, some sensuality and language
Production Company – Columbia Tristar
Release Date: USA – May 24, 2002
Jennifer Lopez plays: Slim Hiller
Filming Locations: Los Angeles , Marina del Rey, San Francisco , & Seattle

Angel Eyes (Drama)
Rating: R – language, violence, and a scene of sexuality
Production Company – Warner Brothers
Release Date: USA – May 18, 2001
Jennifer Lopez plays: Sharon Pogue
Filming Location: Toronto
Official Web site

The Wedding Planner (Comedy)
Rating: PG-13 – language and some sexual humor
Production Company – Columbia Tristar
Release Date: USA – January 26, 2001
Jennifer Lopez plays: Mary Fiore
Filming Locations: Los Angeles & San Francisco

The Cell (Thriller)
Rating: R – bizarre violence and sexual images, nudity and language
Production Company – New Line Cinema
Release Date: USA – August 18, 2000
Jennifer Lopez plays: Catherine Deane
Filming Location: Los Angeles

Antz (Comedy)
Rating: PG – mild language and menacing action
Production Company – Dreamworks
Release Date: USA – October 2, 1998
Jennifer Lopez plays: Azteca (voice only)

Out of Sight (Drama)
Rating: R – language and some strong violence
Production Company – Universal Pictures
Release Date: USA – June 26, 1998
Jennifer Lopez plays: Karen Sisco

Anaconda (Thriller)
Rating: PG-13 – intense adventure violence, and for brief language and sensuality
Production Company – Columbia Tristar
Release Date: USA – April 11, 1997
Jennifer Lopez plays: Terri Flores

Selena (Drama) 
Rating: PG – some mild language and thematic elements
Production Company – Warner Brothers
Release Date: USA – March 21, 1997
Jennifer Lopez Plays: Selena Quintanilla-Pérez

Blood & Wine (Drama)
Rating: R – violence and language
Production Company – Independent
Release Date: USA – February 21, 1997
Jennifer Lopez plays: Gabriela

U-Turn (Thriller)
Rating: R – strong violence, sexuality and language
Production Company – Sony Pictures
Release Dates: USA – October 3, 1997
Jennifer Lopez plays: Grace McKenna
Filming Locations: Globe, AZ; Las Vegas, NV; Palm Springs, CA; Superior, AZ

Jack (Comedy)
Rating: PG-13 – some sexual references
Production Company – Buena Vista
Release Dates: USA – August 9, 1996
Jennifer Lopez plays: Miss Marquez
Filming Locations: Miami, FL; Mill Valley, CA; Ross, CA; San Francisco, CA; Mare Island, Vallejo, CA

Money Train (Action/Adventure)
Rating: R - pervasive strong language, violence and a sex scene
Production Company – Sony Pictures
Release Date: USA – November 22, 1995
Jennifer Lopez plays: Grace Santiago
Filming Locations: John Street, Greenwich Village, Manhattan, New York City, NY; Los Angeles

Mi Famila (Drama)
Rating: R - strong language, some graphic violence and a scene of sexuality
Release Date: USA – May 3, 1995
Jennifer Lopez plays: Maria Sanchez, in the '20s

My Little Girl (Drama)
Release Date: USA – 1986
Jennifer Lopez plays: Myra






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