Contact is a privately run and owned fan web site, operating since July 2003. We are by no means official and are just fans who enjoy running this web site as a hobby. We are in no way affiliated with Jennifer Lopez or any of her companies.

Before you contact us requesting anything, here's some information and places to look:

  • We can not help you with contacting/meeting/e-mailing Jennifer Lopez. See here for a fan mailing address.

  • We do not know where to find an article of clothing or accessory Jennifer wore. Try asking people in our Forums.

  • Sorry, but English only e-mails please!

  • No requests for media files, please. Consider asking users in our Media Center subforum in the Forums.

  • We do not know her agent or anyone dealing with her fashion company. On this same line, we can't pass your ideas on to her: fashion, music, or movies. Lots of legal issues here.

  • No, we can't send you a signed picture or anything because we don't have any affiliation with Jennifer Lopez.

If your e-mail still applies,
feel free to e-mail us here:





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