More on Jennifer presenting at the Oscars

Rick Williams: Jennifer, what’s it like to be at the Oscars?

“It’s an amazing night, a great honor,” Lopez said. “Like I said, it’s my eighth time I’ve been invited, so it’s a great honor just being asked to come. The night has so much energy…it’s hard to describe it, but the best way I can think of it is it being this beautiful night, a bunch of artists come together to celebrate the best of the year. It always has such a great energy. You can feel that (the energy) when you watch at home. It has this glamorous, beautiful quality to it, and they always do such a great job with the show. I’m really excited to see it, especially since Ellen (Degeneres) is hosting for the first time.”

Rick Williams: Jennifer, have you decided what you will wear, or will you wait and see what everyone else is going to wear?

“No, I don’t see what everybody else is going to wear, like at home and be the last one to the red carpet,” Lopez jokingly responded. “No, we chose beforehand…not so much beforehand, but not that late either. I haven’t chosen yet. I’m sure I’ll wait until the last second.”

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