Jennifer Lopez jealous of Marc Anthony dancing with friend Selma Fonseca

Swizz Beatz birthday party
Swizz Beatz, Jennifer Lopez, Marc Anthony

Jennifer Lopez has been branded a jealous wife after allegedly sending a bodyguard over to break up a dance between her husband Marc Anthony and an old friend. Brazilian photographer Selma Fonseca was left speechless when she was reprimanded for dancing with Anthony at music producer Swizz Beatz‘s birthday party the night before the MTV Video Music Awards last week.

Selma Fonseca
Selma Fonseca

She claims a bodyguard stormed onto the dance floor and told her to stop dancing with the Latino hunk. Fonseca tells tabloid the Globe, “I’ve known Marc for years. We danced a little bit, and he held me – but it was just a friendly thing. All of a sudden, one of J Lo’s bodyguards comes over and points a finger in my face. He says, ‘Don’t ever dance with Marc…!’ I couldn’t believe it.”

But Fonseca, who later took a photo of a surly looking Lopez as she left the party with her husband, insists the warning won’t stop her from hitting the dance floor with Anthony in the future. The defiant snapper adds, “This doesn’t bother me one bit.”

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