Jesse McCartney apologizes for Jennifer Lopez pregnancy rumor

Jesse McCartney apologizes to Jennifer LopezPop star Jesse McCartney has apologized for accidentally claiming that Jennifer Lopez is pregnant.

The singer was being interviewed about his new album by a radio station in Atlanta but the conversation turned to his girlfriend Katie Cassidy’s role in the big-screen adaptation of Dallas.

The interviewer asked if Jesse knew why Jennifer Lopez, who was to play Sue Ellen in the film, had been dropped from the project and Jesse replied: “She didn’t get fired. She’s pregnant.”

The interviewer Vikki Locke later revealed: “It quickly became ‘Can we just talk about the record?’ And afterwards he just asked his minder ‘Was I not supposed to say anything?’”

But now Jesse has admitted he was just passing on hearsay anyway. He told TMZ: “I have no first hand knowledge whether Jennifer Lopez is pregnant or not. I thought I had read it somewhere. I apologize.”

Jennifer Lopez’s apparent pregnancy has been making headlines for months. J.Lo’s spokesperson has said that the her client is “100 per cent not pregnant”.

“His girlfriend has never even met Jennifer,” the source said to US Weekly. “She just got cast in the movie after Jennifer was already out. Jennifer is shooting the cover of a high fashion magazine. Do you think she could wear couture if she was pregnant?”

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