Jennifer Lopez lingerie coming to Israel

Jennifer Lopez lingerie
The Women Only chain has been awarded exclusive rights to market Jennifer Lopez’s JLO brand in Israel.

The male and female undergarment brand bearing the name of the popular American actress and singer is considered particularly popular among females aged 12-27. The deal to bring JLO products to Israel was signed with Warnaco Group, which holds the license to distribute the brand across the world.

The drive to penetrate the Israeli market with the new brand is estimated to cost about NIS 500,000 (roughly USD 120,000.)

Referring to the new deal, Women Only owner and CEO Roni Yegerman said that “today the chain sees the need to address girls and women who are not busty.”

Women Only is an undergarment chain specializing is fitting busty females with bras. The chain was established by Yegerman and Moshe Rosenthal in 2003 and currently boasts 23 stores across Israel.

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