JLo stops ex from publishing tell-all book; now he claims she casts Voodoo spells on her men

This is too funny!

Via TheSmokingGun:
Jennifer Lopez and Ojani NoaJennifer Lopez‘s first husband has agreed to an injunction barring him from publishing a tell-all book about their brief marriage and the couple’s sex life. The order, signed [June 29th] by a Los Angeles Superior Court judge, was sought by Lopez, who contends that Ojani Noa, whom she married in February 1997, is prohibited from discussing her private affairs by the terms of a 2005 legal agreement. That settlement bars Noa from disclosing “for monetary gain any private or intimate details about either Jennifer Lopez or his relationship with Ms. Lopez.” But after signing the agreement and receiving $150,000, Lopez charges, Noa tried to peddle stories about her to tabloids, has circulated a book proposal about their time together, and sought an extra $5 million in hush money. During a June 5 deposition, Noa, who was married to Lopez for about 11 months, gave an indication of the kind of material Lopez does not want published. Responding to a question from the actress’s attorney, Noa (who remained friendly with his ex following their split) testified that Lopez “was doing voodoo when we weren’t married. She was doing bad things to a lot of people when we were friends. And I knew all this time, because we did personally, me and her, to this particular lady.” Noa added that Lopez did voodoo and “all this religious bullshit” to former lovers, including Sean “Puffy” Combs. The purported voodoo practices apparently stem from Lopez’s religious devotion and the influence over her by a “Madrina,” which is often described as a spiritual mentor for Santeria practitioners. Asked in a June 1 deposition why he thought he could keep selling stories about Lopez despite signing the six-figure settlement agreement, Noa said, “I mean, I live a free country. No? I can express myself. I can talk and say whatever I want to. No?”

Here are two selected pages from his deposition.

Ojani Noa deposition   Ojani Noa deposition 2

For some reason he thinks that since the agreement did not state what kind of personal information he is prohibited from talking about, he can talk about whatever he wants. What a jerk! A stupid jerk, at that.

14 Responses to “JLo stops ex from publishing tell-all book; now he claims she casts Voodoo spells on her men”

  1. elahe says:

    if he realy loved jennifer he wouldn’t do this to her.i think marc should do something.sorry for my english.

  2. jarekch says:

    Hmm, yes I must agree with that, Noa is a jerk, he shouldn’t do that. Well, in my case I don’t like to talk about my past relationships to anybody, why? because I want to forget, leave it behind. Any normal person must agree with me. Noa must of been hurt a lot and is pist off at J.Lo, well love can easily turn into hate if things don’t work out and there is huge screw up on one side. Me, I was angry too but I was able to let it go, I can go on with my life what ever it is, it’s my life. Ok, J.Lo’s black magic crap involvement, it was reported by media many times before and she claims to be Christian Catholic, yea right, I’m just wondering which Lord she does worship?

  3. lux says:

    If Jennifer Lopez wasn’t a super star this wouldn’t be an issue. He’d be like any other person and get on with his life. But he knows he can profit from his past relationship with her. No one (except for JLo fans) would be interested in reading a book by a celebrity’s ex-husband unless there was something scandalous involved. A mega star secretly into kinky sex and voodoo? That sells even if it’s not the truth. It’s just like the tabloids… they make up headlines people WANT to hear.

  4. lux says:

    My point being: Ojani Noa is a talentless hack who is trying to get rich quick by defaming his ex. Money makes people do stupid, tactless things.

  5. jarekch says:

    No, I don’t think Lux that this is an issue here, remember Elizabeth Taylor, what about Ben or Chris Jud, if I spelled it right, or many other celebrities who went trough similar experience. Some how I can’t recall any similar situation. J.Lo should send to Noa her album with song ” Get Your Head Right “.

  6. jlofan-4eva says:

    yea he just wants 2 make money.Cos how cld sme1 make up that much bullshit lol!!

  7. jarekch says:

    If I was in Noa’s shoes, I wouldn’t even mention that I was ever married to J.Lo. How long this marriage last? Real marriage starts after 2 -3 years from the ceremony, when hot love slows down, when real life comes. Not successful relationship which was let say 11 months, it’s a life failure and nothing to be proud of to talk about, doesn’t matter who the ex was or is. Shame on you Noa, it appears that J.Lo is way smarter than you but still she is dumb.

  8. kathy says:

    what a jackass,he’ll do anything to make money Noa is so desperate of being famous.we’ll buy this stupid book because it has some scandalous thing involve.don’t we?this is so stupid.i don’t think any jlo fans will want to hear his dirty laundry with his ex-wife.this man is a mother f**ker.what kind of person will want to share his past with someone who he was in love with.

  9. liz says:

    omg this is just to funny:D:D xd

  10. girl says:

    maybe jennifer did some or do some black magic, but this is her business!!noa is a jerk, he wants only money from jlo. i don’t understand how some people want to make money from other people’s personal life and why some people are so interested in other’s life. i can tell this from my own life- it sucks!!! all i want to say- people, live your own life!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. jarekch says:

    Maybe he is simply jealous and he want to be as famous as J.Lo??? That can be arranged I think, let paparazzi take care of that. Noa should be in the spot light and front page tabloids hero. BANG!!! Noa drunk like a pig rolling out from a bar, BANG!!! Noa picking a hooker, BANG!!! many bad things he can be caught on doing. Funny a…, LOL! I think Noa should let it go, there is so many other ways of earning money for a living, if this is about money.

  12. cffrankie says:

    Another person who wants his 15 minutes of fame, any person should never talk about their sex lives!That is something that is private, unless the two agree to talk about it, than it’s ok, bit one person does not..that is not ok and against the law, to write things about people without their permission.He wants a quick buck, this guy is looking to have anything and should be thanking Jennifer..more than everything else, he was just an illegal alien waiter remember? Hell, she helped him with his green card, he definitly should not be talking crap.

  13. Logan Battleaxe says:

    I doubt that anything she did is really that bad. Most people do not know the first thing about voodoo or other such forms of paganism.
    I personally don’t know too much about the details of voodoo but I do know it is not too far off from what I believe in and most people have no clue what Wicca is about.
    If I were JLo I might consider getting a religious tolerance group together and suing his but for religious discrimination.

  14. G-host says:

    This is what i have to say about this sh**t IT HAPPEND IN 97!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. That guy should just let her go Its funny too me how he says “She cast vodoo spells” plz you even know what the f**k that is first of all? and just leave her the f**k alone god dawm this happen what like 7,8 years ago she probably forgoten by now intul this guy said it now. My point is if this guy was teling the truth why didin’t he said something WHEN THEY WHERE TOGETHOR!! hello pay attention this guy whant’s money bad and HE SHOULD BE HAPPY HE WAS WITH HER!!. I mean jlo saved his ass back in 97 he should really be thanking her for that sh**t. Another think i know like everybody is like im happy that jlo is with marc anthony but i think that she not the person she ustu be i miss the old jlo back when she was rollin with Ja Rule and Murda Inc, she was soo hot back in those days like marc f**ked her up bad. But i still got love for her and for what she doin thats all i got to say. Anybothy that want to get to no me a little better hit up on myspace/dmx36.com HOLLA!!