Preview of Jennifer Lopez in this week’s In Touch Weekly

Jennifer Lopez is featured on the cover corner and inside this week’s In Touch Weekly.

  In Touch Weekly - Jennifer Lopez Gray Hair Pregnancy Rumors

Thanks to In Touch Weekly for the sneak peek.

9 Responses to “Preview of Jennifer Lopez in this week’s In Touch Weekly”

  1. girl says:

    i can’t believe she’s pregnant. it’s rumours again.

  2. lux says:

    No, she’s not. She wouldn’t be doing those dance moves if she was pregnant. The tabloids just have to have SOME reason to keep her in the news because people love their Jennifer Lopez.

  3. girl says:

    i agree. and maybe she’s teasing tabloids wih her hair color, i think.

  4. jarekch says:

    Yeah, the problem is with J.Lo that her career was and is based on bad publicity most of the time, why?, to keep her famous all the time from bad side, it won’t lead her anywhere but to the drain. Isn’t better for her to start showing herself from good side most of the time?

  5. peacenotwar says:

    The baby story is getting old already. And the press takes the nice things that she does and turns it around to talk about some other sh*t in this case it was nice for her to show some love to her gay fans.

  6. girl says:

    well, for me, it’s was very strange move to take part in this parade as j.lo did. i just can’t understand the reason why.and about the baby maybe it’s true that she just can’t have baby for some healht problems. but i know that these baby rumours is getting bored.

  7. derrick says:

    I think its awesome what she did, i’m gay and a huge fan of JLo and the fact that she is showing her suppourt of gay people, by performing at pride is awesome. It makes me love her more because of it. Say what you want but Jennifer is obviously showing that gay people need to be accepted and she accepts them too!

  8. no one you know says:

    girl why is it strange?? is she not supposed to support the gays?? do u think they r freaks or degenerates??!! get a clue.

  9. mahsa says:

    i want the truth.i wish jlo could go on t.v and tell her fans if she’s really pregnant or not…