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June 29, 2006

New Jennifer Lopez Shoes!

Here are six new Summer and Fall styles for Jennifer Lopez shoes from Zappos online shoe store.

You can see all JLo shoes offered by Zappos by clicking the image below:

(Black Leather)

(Brown Leather)

(Black Satin)

(Khaki Satin)



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Posted By: lux @ 7:00 AM

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3 Responses to “New Jennifer Lopez Shoes!”

  1. jarekch Says:

    Nice, this shoes look like J.Lo, you know what I mean.

  2. lux Says:

    What? The shoes have a big booty? ;) I don’t see it!

  3. jarekch Says:

    Well, it depends from which side you look at them, some can see it as stylish, slim, classy and so on as J.Lo, some can see something else. In my case I see something else also and I don’t want to mention it, figure it out. ;)


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