Live Luxe by Jennifer Lopez Perfume coming soon

Jennifer Lopez is launching a new fragrance near the end of Summer called Live Luxe. Here’s an early peek at the packaging:

Jennifer Lopez Live Luxe

5 Responses to “Live Luxe by Jennifer Lopez Perfume coming soon”

  1. iveliesse says:

    i dont care wat anybody say jlo comin back bigtime i love jlo wit all mah heart (nohomo) and i will neva forget her

  2. jlofan04 says:

    i love her and i am so proud shes supporting them cause i have a lot of gay friends lol

  3. sonia says:

    That bottle is ugly, cheap and nasty, her perfumes are getting tackier, love at first glow was awful and i bet this is gonna suck.

  4. teeze says:

    I love the packaging and it looks great, I think it will be as big a winnner as her other perfumes just love them.

  5. deepa says:

    i wanna test tis for sure.. i luv ure perfums.. and one of wich is ‘Glow’.. I would appreciate u for introducing new flavored ones.. stay beautiful..