Jennifer Lopez was surprise performer at Gay Pride Pier Dance yesterday

Jennifer Lopez at Gay Pride 2006
Jennifer Lopez at Gay Pride

Jennifer Lopez made an appearance as the surprise performer at this weekend’s Gay Pride Pier Dance in NYC.

Jennifer started off her show with a laugh, “I just want to say, just for the record, it is me. It is not an impersonator. Last time I checked it was the real me.” Check out this short clip on YouTube uploaded by Latino123.

Any fans who have pictures or videos from the event, come share them in our Jennifer Lopez forum! Or email them to us and we will host them for you.

According to fans who attended, J. Lo performed:
– Whatever You Wanna Do
– Medley of Jenny from the Block, Ain’t It Funny (Remix), & Love Don’t Cost a Thing
– Waiting for Tonight
– Get Right added about the even, “Rumored recently to be pregnant, it was apparent to those in attendance that her moves on stage would definitely be discouraged by any physician for a woman who is with child. Not to mention the fact that she looked stunning and showed no traces of any baby bump. Mrs. Marc Anthony tore it up for the New York gays and was accompanied by some dancers from her new MTV reality show ‘Moves.'”

The show, shot in Los Angeles, gives a glimpse into the real lives of dancers, all chosen by La Lopez herself, struggling to follow their dreams. Jenny From the Block‘s career took its first great leap to stardom when she was chosen to be a Fly Girl on the long-running hit ‘In Living Color.’ One thing you may not know, she didn’t make the Fly Girl cut initially. It was only after another dancer dropped out that she got the gig.

Lopez hopes ‘Moves‘ will showcase just how tough the life of a dancer can be. The show is set to air as part of MTV’s fall lineup.

12 Responses to “Jennifer Lopez was surprise performer at Gay Pride Pier Dance yesterday”

  1. Doreen says:

    i love u jennifer lopez….mrs.jennifer anothy

  2. begum says:

    i wanna watch them right now…….!!!!!!!

  3. edlo says:

    jennifer es fenomenal y el poder contar con ella en un evento de estos es super pues ella quiere y agradece el apoyo constante de su publico.

  4. AP says:

    Nice i wanna c the whole performance if thats possible peace out, jlo rocks

  5. Jenny-Lo says:

    OMg! Great site and photos! Gratulation!

  6. jarekch says:

    Hmm, interesting move she has made, like a new politicians who are trying to gain more support, yeah she is going to need that. Is she a gay? Is there another gay movie in her plans? Who knows? LOL. Baby rumors, in my opinion and my best guess is that she is not capable to get pregnant at all. Possible that Ben changed his mind about getting into marriage with her because of that. Think about it, very well establish couple and set for a lifetime can’t have children, having sex and make one is not a big deal for a healthy people, I say this some times that there are things that money can’t buy.

  7. jarekch says:

    I wasn’t there but I can imagine how it was. Can you? j.lo singing Get Right to a bunch of f***s, this must of pist them off really bad, LOL. After she was done, some of them of course, who are really slow to catch up, were screaming j.lo, j.lo, she said, I love you guys and then big lesbian stand up and said ” why don’t you just dump this skinny freak and come to me honey, I’ll show you what love is about! ” LOL.

  8. cffrankie says:

    Jennifer is awesome!!Definitly a true artist and real person, and it shows with the clip.You Rock Jennifer!

  9. sss says:

    What a terrible outfit.

  10. lux says:

    She’s going for the drag-queen, over-the-top look.

  11. girl says:

    yeah, her outfit more than’s horrific.

  12. bradley says:

    The highlight video will be on the website this monday(the 17th) according to an email I got this morning.