Jennifer Lopez comes in at 59 on Forbes list

Jennifer Lopez ranks on Forbes Celebrity 100
Jennifer Lopez ranked #59 this year in the Celebrity 100 – Forbes’ annual list of the most powerful celebrities. Last year JLo came in at #25.

10 Responses to “Jennifer Lopez comes in at 59 on Forbes list”

  1. IVELIESSE says:

    i knew jlo would make it she alwayz makes it on a list of sumtin of da year……

  2. DJLO says:

    To me she is the #1 power celebraty out there.
    Please come back and show your haters what you got.

  3. Saraa<3 says:

    To me Jennifer is number 1! Of course.

  4. jarekch says:

    Lately she falls down in any category, let her fall…let her fall. I told you, she sucks, LOL.

  5. #1 jlofan says:

    WOw,thats amazing…i mean she did NOTHING this year and ahe still managed to make it on,SERIOUSLY

    J.Lo U ROCK!!!!!

  6. Pete says:

    She is defently at the top, damn.. ;D RAAWWW

  7. cffrankie says:

    Every year numbers change with celebrites, etc..theres always new or different people each year.Jennifer needs another box office hit, she needs “Dallas”, and “Oceans 13”

  8. jlofan04 says:

    ok heres a comment to saraa<3 u shouldnt even be on this site if u really think jlo could ever suck!

  9. no one you know says:

    to jlofan04, it’s not saraa<3, it was jarekch, look carefully next time.

  10. olivia says:

    J-lo your #1 always no matter wat the other people tell u for me your #1 and will stay #1