Jennifer Lopez wins court case over I’m Glad video

Jennifer Lopez wins lawsuit against woman who inspired Flashdance
The woman who inspired the movie FLASHDANCE lost her court battle against JENNIFER LOPEZ yesterday (12JUN06), after alleging the I’M GLAD singer mimicked some of the film’s memorable scenes in her video for the song.

The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals in San Francisco, California, held up a lower court’s decision that MAUREEN MARDER gave up her rights to the 1993 film when she signed a release form with Paramount Pictures in 1982.

Marder has filed several cases to gain a copyright interest in the film, which has grossed over $150 million (83 million) worldwide. The three-judge panel also backed the lower court’s dismissal of Marder’s claims against Lopez and the Sony Corporation.

The ruling stated “there is simply no evidence that her consent was obtained by fraud, deception, misrepresentation, duress or undue influence”. Marder was played by JENNIFER BEALS in the hit movie where she portrayed as a construction worker by day and an exotic dancer by night, who aspired to join a prestigious dance school.

Source: WENN

One Response to “Jennifer Lopez wins court case over I’m Glad video”

  1. jarekch says:

    I’M GLAD that she won the case. Looks to me like Marder is looking for easy money, ” I’ll sue you ” type of person, gosh, I hate people like that.