JLo cancelled European tour to go on tour with Marc Anthony

Jennifer Lopez has finally given a reason for cancelling her European and Asian tour that was supposed to happen last month. In a recent interview with E! on the red carpet at the Crystal and Lucy Awards (see video in previous post), Jennifer said she cancelled her concerts because she will be accompanying her husband Marc Anthony on his summer tour.

She also confirmed that she is definitely not pregnant (yet).

13 Responses to “JLo cancelled European tour to go on tour with Marc Anthony”

  1. Sebastian says:

    Such an… How could she do it? Whats about her carreer? Now I’m thinking about her relationship… Marc is making that she lose her head. It seem to be she is really in love.
    Damn for us! (Her fans)

  2. joe says:

    oh my god jennifer! what are you doing? why do you have to go with your husband? why cant u do seperate things?!
    Jennifer you have to go on a tour and dance and sing and entertain people.. we miss you so much.

    by the way i am the biggest jennifer lopez fan =)

  3. Sophie says:

    i think she is not telling te truth about her cancelling the tour……..

  4. Khaled says:

    Ok let me laugh for a second, thats the worst reason I expected. and I thought I’d forgive her for dissing us only if she was pregnant which she’s not.. I thought marc anthony was a good support to Jennifer love life and career but its true when people said that he’s ruining her career, yesterday I saw how he stopped her from dancing in some awards show, he’s too controlling, and she’s more important than him internationally, and we as fans need better than this bad bad excuse.. I’m really disappointed more now.

  5. Georgie says:


  6. Juan says:

    if you guys really watch the video! Thats not the reason she canceled her tour!!!! She didn’t even give a reason.. Watch the video and see that she didnt say it directly to the question.. she trying to aviod it!

  7. jenny1only1 says:

    This made me sad and mad. I agree with every comment made 🙁 There has to be something else behind this, i mean she loves to dance and sing. She would never just handle watching someone else do it, and put hers aside. Or hey you guys maybe she really is that much in love……

  8. genx says:

    Dear Jennifer Lopez Fans,

    Actually this is a believable excuse to cancel the tour, even though it will upset us the FANS. She loves Marc Anthony and she wants it to work as does Marc, thats why he tags along everywhere with Jlo, to support her and her career. That way the paparazzi can not invent lie’s about their relationship that may cause a fight and eventually lead to a break-up.

    Jlo is a very intelligent women, she has lived and learned from past experiences and she knows that the only way her relationship will work is if they stick together. This means the Real Jennifer Lopez Fans need to be happy and understanding for her, especially since we can’t live her life for her, yet until now I’d say Jennifer Lopez knows whats best for her. By the way she looked great at the Puerto Rico Parade.

  9. valery says:

    you are sooo righy genx!:D

  10. saynt96 says:

    So has she officially stated that she’s not pregnant. Intouch has been running another article saying that she gives birth in December. I still say she is pregnant.

  11. DJLO says:

    If you are truly J.LO fans you should know that she is PREGNANT! She is too professional to do this to her career. Her answer for cancelling her tour seemed to me that she is not telling the truth. But what ever it is I support you J.LO MY LOVE!!

  12. Wonder Woman says:

    People…theres a method behind her madness. Going on tour with her husband not only improves their relationship but PROMOTES BOTH their careers. People go nuts when she does cameo appearences on his tour and vice versa. I happen to adore Marc Anthony and Jennifer is my girl. Seeing them both at the Puerto Rican Parade brought tears to my eyes. Buying one ticket and getting them both is a freakin super bonus. You Go J-Lo….the BX taught you well!

  13. vab_88@hotmail.com says:

    What a shock =P..It is not the first time that she cancelled her tour. This did not suprise me. She alwaus has an exuse for evrything! At first it was because of her movies, they took so much time, and now, she has her husband..Wonder what the next exuse will be?