Jennifer Garner Turned Down ‘Dallas’ Because of Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Garner reportedly turned down the role of Pamela Ewing in the forthcoming Dallas movie after discovering her husband Ben Affleck’s ex-fiancée Jennifer Lopez had signed to star in the remake. Garner started dating her Daredevil co-star in July 2004 – seven months after the actor ended his high-profile engagement with Lopez.

British newspaper the Daily Mail claims Garner was in talks to play Bobby Ewing’s wife Pam, but backed out when she realized Lopez would be playing J.R.’s alcoholic wife Sue-Ellen.

A source says, “Jennifer Garner was really keen to be in Dallas, but I think she felt there would be a bit of a strain between them on the set and that could have led to awkward situations. Both are totally professional, but there might have been a certain ‘atmosphere’ and Jennifer Garner didn’t need to go there.”

Source: World Entertainment News Network, StarPulse

7 Responses to “Jennifer Garner Turned Down ‘Dallas’ Because of Jennifer Lopez”

  1. cffrankie says:

    I dont think Jennifer Garner is attractive at all.Ben definitly stepped down with her, Jennifer Lopez is a way better actress anywayz and hopefully they get someone to play Pamela Ewing.Than again the akwardness would of been perfect for the role because on the TV show there was tension and akwardness between them.

  2. daniel says:

    I guess Jennifer Garner isn’t to professional, she probably felt intimidated by Jennifer Lopez. Anyway, I just finished watching a show on E!, about “who would you stay if you were left alone on a Island”. It was between Jennifer Garner and beautiful Jennifer Lopez. GUESS WHAT? Garner beat J.Lo by 76% percent of votes. I CANT BELIEVE THAT, THE VOTERS WERE DEFINETLY ON CRACK!

  3. Jenni says:

    I def would have stayed with jlo.. she knows how to do the no makeup look well [unlike garner] and she comes from the bronx, need i say more..

  4. Khalil says:

    i’d vote for Jennifer Garnet too… So if i’m hungry and i find no food i’d easily eat her, stupid Alias ho! jejej

  5. begum says:

    hah, we don’t need jennifer garner.. she’s not beautiful at all..only thing makes jennifer garner beautiful..that’s the name : jennifer 🙂

  6. Samy says:

    Jennifer Lopez is so much better than Jennifer whats her face. J.Lo would be perfect for the part she would give the character more taste.

  7. mila says:

    Garner ? what a caward! Let her stay home if she is affraid of the exfiancée of the man she already have loooooooooooooooooool. stupid caw. not ready for the play