Could Jennifer Lopez really be pregnant this time?

A report set to publish this week will reveal that Jennifer Lopez is pregnant. In Touch Weekly is claiming that although the star has not officially confirmed it, friends whisper that she’s three months pregnant and her baby will be born around Christmas.

Report Claims J Lo Is Pregnant
In Touch claims JLo is pregnant

The magazine cites an insider that gives a bit of detective like evidence:

–“She always colors her hair.  “But Jen said if she got pregnant, she’d be so grateful, she wouldn’t care about roots.”

–“She won’t touch a sip of alcohol — she even turned down a glass of her favorite Krug champagne at a recent dinner in New York,” explains one pal.

—On May 8, the star canceled her world tour without giving an explanation. But a friend says it’s not a surprise. “She said that whenever she got pregnant she was going to do nothing but focus on her health and the baby.”

The magazine concludes that now that she is pregnant, Jennifer’s career is clearly no longer her top priority. She recently turned down a chance to star with husband Marc Anthony in a Las Vegas revue, say insiders. As their pal says, “It’s likely that they didn’t want to commit to the demands of a regular show while raising a baby.”

Source: The National Ledger

15 Responses to “Could Jennifer Lopez really be pregnant this time?”

  1. Kendra says:

    YAY! i hope she is!! shes been wanting this forever now and her and marc deserve it!!!!!!

    im so excited!!!

    keep us posted!!

  2. Redwine says:

    Told ya! :)))) That’s just great if true, let’s hope for Jen!

  3. kosta says:

    finally i hope she is really pregnant this time…

    but if she really is, we not gonna get any new music or movie… too bad…

  4. keta says:

    I am so happy about you – Jennifer!You will be a wonderfol mother, I now that!!!And the baby will be so beautiful and soooooo lucky!;)))*****Remember – you are the BEST in my life, I will hold the thumb about you and your baby :)***********************************************

  5. johana says:

    im soooooooo hapy for both marc and jenn. she deserves this and more. CONGRATS!!!!!

  6. begum says:

    yesssss 🙂 im so glad and happy for both of them..jen and marc deserves that..that’s good side of this stuff..but the worst thing is we’re not going to see jen on tv for long time at least nine month… :(( anyway..

  7. Noura says:

    congrats omg… im so happy for her 😀

  8. Saraa<3 says:

    I’m soo happy for you Jennnifer! Finally you are pregant i know how long you have waited for this. You and Marc are going to be wonderfull parents and your baby is soo lucky that you two are the baby’s parents. Your baby is going to get so beautiful. Jennifer don’t work so hard relax and just think about the baby;)

  9. zakes says:

    apperantly those were blond highliters on her hair thats what her hair stylist said and did you guys see her photos at the almas her figure still looks ok and she still looks the same and you think about this she has a movie coming out this year and a spanish album so really i don’t see how this rumour could be true and beside how many times has she been pregnant and what makes this time for reall?

    and beside i still don’t like marc he looks so wrong for her and his hair that always looks greasy yaaaaaaak, i’m not even gonna comment about his waight

  10. maria shayne says:

    I am sooo glad and happy to j.lo and marc. she will be a wonderful mom.+GREAT MOM,,,GREAT KID+
    Always,you are the BEST in my life and IDOL 4-ever.

  11. Catherine Ramos says:

    I am not sure if it is true or just rumors because my aunt knows JLo and recently my uncle saw her.I hope she is pregnant and i am praying and crossing my fingers that she is! But they said they didn’t noctice anything so i would not keep my hopes up although i will be so * mad if it is not true! I will call all the magazines and tell them to stop their stupid rumors! Anyway, Jlo you are my idol and i want to be just like you Hallah

  12. alicia says:

    I think that is wonderful if she is pregnant. I wish her the best

  13. punisher says:

    yeah, right! lol.

  14. iveliesse says:

    i already knew jlo was pregnant i have da magazine papers it shos da lil bump……… still so excited i wonder wats it gonna be and wats it gonna be named……….i pray 2 god da baby is born healthy and fully developed……….

  15. samantha says:

    yeh she is going to be so pretty preg congrats jlo we love u