Miss Bulgaria sues JLO over cancelled concert

Miss Bulgaria Ivaila Bakalova sues Jennifer Lopez
Former Miss Bulgaria Ivaila Bakalova will sue Jennifer Lopez. Bakalova, who is the manager of the company Pickandmore, insists that the star gives back the performance fee for the cancelled concert in Sofia.
The fee amounts to $750,000-850,000 according to different sources.
Bakalova will also insist on 203,000 euro of compensations that will cover the expenses for the organization of the concert. “We will also insist to be compensated for future earnings. We have already hired a well-known US lawyer,” Bakalova said for the Standart. Only some of the whims of the star – her favorite seeds, aroma candles, chili sauce cost $8,000 together with the DHL fees.

Source: Standart News

4 Responses to “Miss Bulgaria sues JLO over cancelled concert”

  1. mido says:

    hey people im one of the guys that disappointed in jlo’s concert but look fans dont be mad we should be glad and happy for jlo i heard that she is finally pregnant can u believe this luv u jennifer be careful and dont gain a lot of weight and hope 2 c u next year in a special concert in lebanon

  2. cffrankie says:

    Im sure Jennifer will have no problem paying the fee’s and this is a huge dissapointment for her true fans who were looking forward to seeing her in concert.I know I will be dissapointed but still will remain a fan, since I been an admirer of her since the beginning.I’m sure Jen has her reasons, she does care of her fans.

  3. lili-bulgaria says:


  4. Doroteya says:

    I’m from Bulgaria and I absolutely agree with Ivaila Bakalova.We, the fans here, waited for JLo so patiently,wondering how the hell will she come to such a small country like ours!And there’s the result – she won’t.We’re very disappointed and we want her to pay!If she knew she was pregnant,she wouldn’t have set a date for a concert in Sofia!