More info regarding the Bulgaria concert cancellation

Bulgarian FlagPick & More, the organisers of the Jennifer Lopez concert in Bulgaria will hold a press conference to announce the reasons for the cancellation. Everyone who has already bought tickets for the show will be able to get refund. Over 20,000 tickets for the show on Vassil Levski national stadium had been sold.

The money Lopez received to perform in Bulgaria has already been returned. According to Darik Radio in Sofia, the singer requested over 850,000 euro. Lopez is obliged to pay damages totalling 50 per cent of the payment.

Source: Sofia Echo

2 Responses to “More info regarding the Bulgaria concert cancellation”

  1. jamez says:

    damn, so much money 🙁
    i think there is a great reason…

  2. maria shayne says:

    yes so much money and why they cancelled????????????????