Jennifer Lopez Tour Cancelled

Jennifer Lopez cancels tourJennifer Lopez informed [Mirage Promotions] last night that she has decided to cancel her entire Spring Tour including all the shows she has contracted to perform at in Athens, Baku, Dubai, Moscow, Mumbai, Sofia and Thessaloniki later this month.

No further details have been given at this time and Mirage intends to attempt to have further discussions on behalf of each of the promoters of these shows with the artist and her management.

In the meantime, the tour promoters will ensure that full refunds will be made to all ticket holders through usual channels. Ticket holders should contact their local ticket outlet for further information.

30 Responses to “Jennifer Lopez Tour Cancelled”

  1. omar says:

    please the umplugged the jennifer lopez 2006

  2. mido says:

    im so disappointed about jlo’s concert what can i say ? im shocked thnx anyway but i still love jlo :(:(

  3. keta says:

    O,may Good!I can’t belive!Is it true????????????????????????I just so much won’t to go,and I HAVE ALREADY THE TICKETS…

  4. james says:

    o my god i can not belive it but i still jennifer lopez she still the kools women in the world

  5. Redwine says:

    I would say to you all guys: be happy and take a close look to the last posted pictures. I mean come on, after all that noise around having a baby don’t you think that cancelling in the last moment for not apparent reason is alittle bit obvious?! Istead of being disapointed i will just hope that Jen is finally happy and prepearing to be a mom… :)))

  6. ap says:

    whats up with her canceling concerts? its not good, will we ever get to see her in concert? i dont know but i hope so, peace out

  7. keta says:

    I love you to Jennifer, but I am very sad about this,I don’t understand – why????!

  8. omar says:


  9. nowandthen says:

    Since the beginning of time women have had to hold jobs and work late into their pregnancy because they had to, and from the way Jen looked at these recent events with dresses tight around her waist, shows if she is pregnant it is only the beginning. And I love Jen but I do not feel being barely pregnant is an excuse to cancel her tour, causing such loss of money and time for so many of her fans. She could have done that tour, and been through with it. And since she was willing to make all those public appearances lately, standing and posing for the cameras that were to benefit her career, why couldn’t she at least show the same concern for her fans who gave her a career.

  10. azeri-fan says:

    Oh, geez :((
    Why in the world would she change her mind?

    So disappointed… I was really looking forward to seeing her in Azerbaijan :((

  11. Pizda says:

    Oh my God!Jennifer why do u cancel your concert in Moscow?I m so wanna see you.Come please.(( suka

  12. Myrto says:

    As a Greek huge fan of JLo who had bought expensive tickers for her concert here in Athens, Greece I must say I am extremely dissapointed and very sad with all this. I have never been to a concert in my life and I always thought that no big names would ever visit our small country for a concert. As soon as I heard the news that she will give a concert in Athens I was so ecstatic and bought tickets immediately. Now that she cancelled it I am very very angry at her and also very sad. I am dissapointed in her since it was her own decision.

  13. jamez says:

    im sad bout this thing 🙁

  14. to pizda says:

    if you think that nobody understands what the last word of your comment means then you’re wrong…

  15. Azeri Patriot says:

    I don’t know about other countries,but u should visit Azerbaijan..Hope to see you in Baku..u’re sexy babe..

  16. begum says:

    jen why??? 🙁 i was so hopeful about that concert..that’s just dissapointment!!!!!! :((((
    jen i wanna see you…please come to istanbul pleasssse!!!!!!!

  17. Azer says:

    Unfortunately the concert was cancelled in Baku, Azerbaijan as well. But I still hope to see J.Lo in Baku!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Daniel says:

    I been a J.Lo fan for a long time now. But J.lo recently hasnt been herself, she is changing. I hope one day she could stop thinking about herself and realize she is losing fans for being selfish. We the fans are the ones who support her and made her who she is by buying her cd’s, movies, etc. Hopefully she could make a come back. I STILL LOVE YOU J.LO, BUT COME ON!

  19. Renix says:

    A shammeee Thats it cancelled She better must have a good reason for this because her muscial career isnt that good right now….If she don t have a good reason she maybe lsoe a Big fan…………..maybe much more

  20. #1 jlofan says:

    THIS IS BULL!WTF U guys have no idea how much i was anticipating this concert,i was soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo extatic that J.lo was comin,u have no idea,and then came the news that ruined the week completely,i didnt go out that whole week,even now we have holidays and i amstill locked away at home,im sooooooooooo pissed of at her,WTF J.LO if she keeps doin this,even i(i luv her so much ppl call me J.lo in Skool)am gonna stop supportin her cuz she is actin like a total BITCH!

  21. Krasimira Tzvetanova says:

    I live in Bulgaria I am born in Plovdiv. I`m 23 years old.

  22. Juan says:

    I think the reason she had to cancel. is because she got rid of her agents.. and hired a whole new one which now manages her music and movie career thats the only thing i can think of.

  23. Camille says:

    Some of you guys need to realize what you’re saying. You’re calling her selfish but obviously you haven’t noticed all the “me me me” in your posts. It’s JUST A CONCERT! It’s not the end of the world. Get over it.

    Secondly, yes, women have been pregnant and worked late into their pregnancy. But a concert and the stress of traveling is not healthy for the baby. (After about four/five months along, the baby can hear! The acoustics in the womb are great, it could blow the baby’s eardrums to be subjected to hours of loud music for days at a time.)

    Thirdly, Jennifer Lopez has millions of fans and is multitalented (singer, actress, fragrance designer plus other accessories and she owns at least one ritzy restaurant) it’s probably not going to hurt her to lose a few fans even if you guys are really that pissy over her having to cancel her tours. She’s still human and has things going on her in life. It’s fine to be upset about her canceling her concerts but to call her names is just childish … and I’m not even that much of a fan of hers! Grow up people!

  24. Angela says:

    I think she cancelled the tour because she is pregnant. No other valid reason can hold up.

  25. Daniel says:

    Camille. I love J.LO and have most of her movies and all her albums. I been supporting her since she first came out. I been a fan during her high and low’s, when people have talked bad about her and said negatives statements I remained on her side. I have A TATOO of her name on my thigh, people call me J.LO because they know how much I love her.When I say that she is acting selfish, SHE IS. She could at least let her public know what is going on. She should not have even made a contract for those concerts to begin with. Anyway I think that she is pregnant because I know how she thinks. She would have not cancelled the concerts for other reasons. She is very proffessional. Besides she has not dyed her hair, pregnant people could not die their hair, which means she is pregnant.

  26. karan says:

    so much disappointed but what to do . i wish that jennifer should have a baby boy.

  27. Rogelio says:

    Hello i am rogelio,
    i live in curacao and marc anthony is in concert here may 27th 2006. first jennifer was not coming now she is coming thats why she cancelled the tour. i am so glad she is coming to curacao(in the caribean) i really want to meet her.

  28. rogelio says:

    Again rogelio,
    i am sorry for all of you. i also bought really expensive tickets to marc anthony because i really want to meet her and get a picture and autograph

  29. Antiliean says:

    Hey pp, could it be possible that Jlo was in my country in a concert with Marc…?

  30. Antiliean says:

    Jlo was in curacao friday nigth in a concert with Marc