Photos: 2006 NCLR ALMA Awards

Pictures of Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony from today’s NCLR ALMA Awards in Los Angeles, CA. The show will air on June 5th on ABC at 9:30PM ET.

Read on for more pictures.

Update: more pictures added.

Updated pictures:

13 Responses to “Photos: 2006 NCLR ALMA Awards”

  1. kani says:

    nice pictures

  2. Ryan says:

    She is still beautiful! I love her. J.Lo forever 🙂

  3. yeah says:

    Did she win the prize that Marc is holding, or did Marc win? anyway she looks like she did before, she has gotten her fashion style back, thank god for that 🙂

  4. jim says:

    she s always so gorgeous!
    I LOVE U J.LO!

  5. Dana says:

    wow shes so gorgeous!!!!!!!! i LOVE her n cant wait till she comes 2 dubai!!!!!

  6. cffrankie says:

    they look great!Cant wait til the awards are televised.Jennifer hopefully was nominated for “An Unfinished Life” she is great in that film.

  7. jon says:

    She has grey hair on the top! AAAAAAAAaaaa 🙁 Grannie…

  8. stace says:

    i love JLo. she’s so beautiful and glad to see her so happy again. Her figure is amazing. Looks better every day.

  9. maria shayne says:

    JLO is been always great, beautiful, amazing, gorgeous,wonderful, or whatever…….
    i love her smile,better watching or starring at her than other actress.

  10. Juan says:

    she not a grannie cause she has gray hair.. she having a baby and its bad for women to dye there roots if having a baby! and other reason why she cancel her tour..

  11. felia says:

    i think jlo is so stunningly beautiful… she has a figure and persona most people wish they had I LOVE U JENNIFER!!!

  12. muh mabelle says:

    waoh she’s wonderful jennifer i luv her she’s a symbol of hardwork and success and i luv their couple too it’s a wonderful one.

  13. Mary says:

    Jen and Marc look absolutely stunning. Class all the way!!!