JLO rethinks doing “Dallas”; changes talent agencies

Jennifer Lopez is having second thoughts about accepting the role of Sue Ellen Ewing in the movie remake of the classic tv series “Dallas.” According to Deadline Hollywood Daily’s sources, she’s so keen to get out of the role she has switched talent agencies from International Creative Management (ICM) to the William Morris Agency.

“The actress and her managers at The Firm believe that her appearing in the remake of the oldie-but-goodie primetime soap is a ‘bad move’ for her acting career…Lopez will be repped by [William Morris Agency] in all areas, including her music career. J-Lo has a recent history of changing talent agencies (and managers) as often as she changes outfits. (This was her third time at ICM; she’s been at Endeavor and CAA, too.)”

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2 Responses to “JLO rethinks doing “Dallas”; changes talent agencies”

  1. frankie says:

    jennifer should take the role, it will bring her back to the mainstreal, plus oscar winner john travolta will be in it and shirley macclaine.It should be a good script and juicy role for any actress.

  2. Steven Manley says:

    It would be a huge career mistake if jennifer turns down this role. I don’t understand what she could be thinking. Come on Jen alot of us are looking forward to this. Don’t mess with your fans like this.

    P.S. And what happened to the concert tour. I was
    hoping their would be dvd or cd from this.