Simon Cowell tears down JLo’s former house

We’re used to seeing him demolish aspiring singers on TV but now Simon Cowell has turned to houses. The American Idol judge splashed out more than 6million buying a Beverly Hills mansion owned by J.Lo but realised the decor wasn’t quite right. So, rather than redecorate, the multi-millionaire is knocking down the salubrious pad and spending 3million building another one.

Simon, 46, and his long-term girlfriend Terri Seymour, 31, fell in love with the sprawling LA mansion last year. But the self-styled Mr Nasty has since decided the property doesn’t have that certain, er, X Factor and he wants to put his own stamp on it. “Simon knows what he wants and as soon as he saw J-Lo’s house, he had to have it,” our real-estate spy tells us. “But it would appear that even Jennifer Lopez’s plush pad simply wasn’t good enough. When it comes to houses, money is no object for Simon so he hasn’t batted an eyelid at spending an extra 3million knocking the place down and rebuilding from scratch. “He has certain ideas on what he wants it to look like… and J-Lo’s minimalist approach wasn’t it.” Ouch!

La Lopez, 35, who sold the property because it was too much of a “movie-star house”, is famous for her love of all things white and clean-cut. “Everything in J-Lo’s house is pristine, shiny and new. It looks like it hasn’t been lived in at all – which is one of the things that turned Simon off. He is looking to create a more homely, lived-in feel and has lots of ideas for the different rooms.” We bet!

Favourites for the job of realising Si’s dream are extravagant property-designers-to-the-stars the Candy Brothers, who have worked for celebs such as Kylie Minogue and several Russian tycoons. They’d no doubt relish the task, considering Simon’s deep pockets. His property portfolio already includes a 7million mansion on LA’s Palm Drive, a 6million Victorian town house in West London, a 1million Arabian-style villa on The Palm islands off Dubai and a multi-million pound Spanish villa in Marbella. Talk about house proud!

Source: Daily Mirror

2 Responses to “Simon Cowell tears down JLo’s former house”

  1. Victoria says:

    I think that is wrong because if u realy fall in love with a house like that then u hav 2 accept how it i decorated and therefore i think that he should not of knocked down the house he should of jst decorated it like NORMAL people do n if i woz jlo i would do the same thing i mean wen i am older i certainly dont wont a big house aspecialy if there is jst 2 of u there. Thnx xxxxxx. I also like plain walls instead of comlicated desiogns i dnt c the point aspecialy if u havnt got time n u r a hard working person like jennifer lopez. xxx

  2. cassandra says:

    yea hi my name is cassandra villafane and i love jennifer lopez so much like i will die she is my idol!and i dont know y the house should be knocked down it should be re decorated i guess i love you jennifer let her know that!