Jennifer on the May cover of Harper’s Bazaar

Jennifer Lopez is on the cover of the upcoming issue of Harpers Bazaar magazine. The magazine hits newsstands on April 25. We’ll have some scans soon. For now, here’s an article that covers a bit of what’s in the issue.

Jennifer Lopez: Marc Makes Me ‘Chill’

Jennifer Lopez, Marc AnthonyWhen it comes to her look and her life, “I’ve always marched to the beat of my own drum,” says Jennifer Lopez.

But then, she also concedes to Harpers Bazaar for its May issue, she has a good accompanist – her husband of nearly two years, Marc Anthony.

“He makes me slow down and eat lunch, which I used not to do,” she says. “We have different philosophies. I’ve been so disciplined. His process is ‘Chill, don’t kill yourself.’

“Maybe,” she suggests, “I’ve got a martyr thing because I was raised Catholic. But with him I feel like I should relax and slow down. That’s a first for me.”

Of her low-key spouse, she says: “He lets his talent speak for him; he doesn’t feel the need to broadcast.”

When it comes to dressing, Lopez says, “I just don’t have fashion fear. I’ve always been able to see how many different styles can work.” That isn’t to say she didn’t get the jitters last year when she unveiled her Sweetface clothing line, which she calls ” the most nerve-racking thing I’ve ever done.”

Still, when it comes to style icons, she admires “anybody who’s fearless. Women who’ve started their own trends, who don’t care what other people are thinking.” These include Gwen Stefani and Madonna. “Those two have blazed their own trails.”

And when asked if she dresses for her husband – whom she admits “has a good eye” – Lopez responds: “I really dress for me.”

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