More information on Bulgaria concert

One of the worlds most highly paid performers, Jennifer Lopez, will arrive in Bulgaria a day before her concert on May 2.

The concert will take place on Vassil Levski stadium in Sofia. Lopez would likely give a news conference during her stay in the country, Darik radio reported. Concert organisers and Lopezs representatives are still negotiating details of the performers meeting with Bulgarian journalists.

Vassil Levski Stadium in Sofia, Bulgaria

Lopez will arrive in Bulgaria with a crew of 60. No information has been given on the hotel in which she will be accommodated during the stay. The show is expected to last nearly two hours. Organisers said between 50 000 and 60 000 people would attend the performance.

Lopez will present her newest album Rebirth.

Tickets for the show are already offered for sale. The first 20 000 cost 35 leva each. The price after their depletion increases to 50 leva.

Source: Sofia Echo

12 Responses to “More information on Bulgaria concert”

  1. didi says:

    I wanna go on thet concert. It`s so close to me. But I can`t…..

  2. begum says:

    hey everybody..
    anyone know when ticket’s gonna saliling for jlo’s istanbul concert??????!!!!!!!!!!! in dubai and bulgaria sale for tickets…but istanbul???
    if anyone knows,please telle me!!!!!!!!

  3. Jennifer says:

    man thats to bad i live in MICH =( I LOVE JLO im like her biggest fan ever!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. AMY(LINDA) says:

    DONT FORGET ISRAEL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. karan says:

    my name is karan and i live in India i cannot attend the concert but my best wishes are with u always .

  6. Rashit says:

    i live in turkey and i am the biggest jlo fan since her if you had my love single!and i will be her fan until i die.i’m very excited about her istanbul last my dreams coming true but i wanna know where the concert will be and when the tickets on sale!!!!!

  7. BIG J.LO fan says:

    Do anyone know from which day we can buy the tickets for the concert in Bulgaria.And i want to know does the tickets will be sail on internet.PLEASE SOMEONE TELL ME

  8. jlo bigesst fan says:

    why cant jlo come to sprifeild ma

  9. BG citizen says:

    I am sorry to inform you that the picture you have uploaded is actually a picture of another stadium – that of the Professional Football Club “Levski”. For more detailed information & pics of the National Stadium “Vassil Levski”, please visit:

  10. lux says:

    BG citizen, thanks for the correction. I’ve updated the post with a true picture of the Vassil Levski National Stadium.

  11. Laury says:

    DOES ANYBODY KNOW WHETHER THE TICKETS FOR THE CONCERT ARE AVAILABLE ON THE INTERNET TOO?? as u`ve noticed..i`m pretty desperate cus bulgaria is right next to romania 🙁 so if u have any info pls post it here 😀

  12. #1 jlofan says: