Rumors about Ragheb Alama and Jennifer Lopez movie false

Lebanese superstar singer Ragheb Alama says the rumors that have been circulating about his involvement in a film with Jennifer Lopez are false. Rumor was that he was to play the leading role in a new film alongside internationally known actress Jennifer Lopez and to be directed by Egyptian director/producer Sharif Sabri, who is also the business manager of Egyptian controversial singer Ruby.

[Ragheb] revealed that the truth of the matter is that the [he] had casually held a discussion with Sharif in front of a group of people and it was taken seriously, when in fact Ragheb gave it no importance and displayed no real interest.

According to the London based, Elaph, Ragheb stressed that he has not yet taken the decision to enter the acting world, and the plans of doing so is not on his current agenda.

It was rumored that Sabri confirmed that he will produce a new film starring Ragheb. Sabri would not reveal the nature of the film, stating that he welcomes Ragheb’s decision to make his debut on the big screen.

In addition it was said that Sabri stated that there is a possibility that he may direct a music video for Ragheb.

Source: Al Bawaba

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