J’Lo’s lucky 13

America’s most famous bum is back – oh yes!

Jennifer Lopez – remember her? – is to revive her stop-start movie career with a starring role in the third of the slick heist franchise, Ocean’s Thirteen.

But notable in their absence from the latest buddy-buddy Brad ‘n George gubbins will be Julia Roberts and Catherine Zeta-Jones, say sources.

One lady who is definitely joining the cast though, is the lovely Ellen Barkin.

It seems so long since ‘Bennifer’ was all the rage and ‘Brangelina’ and ‘Tomkat’, let alone ‘Vaughniston’, would have been met with confused expressions.

But with shooting due to start in mid-July, the hefty-bunned Latina lovely’s as-yet-unconfirmed part in the flick should mark a major comeback into the public eye.

If any of you goggle-eyed fans of Jenny From The Block simply can’t wait a good few months, then – thrill of thrills – you’ll be able to clock her sooner in the drama Bordertown and in the biopic El Cantante.

From MegaStar

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