J.R. thinks Jennifer Lopez is perfect for part of Sue Ellen Ewing

Veteran DALLAS star LARRY HAGMAN is thrilled that JOHN TRAVOLTA will play JR EWING, the character he created, in the big screen version of the hit TV series. The classic 1980’s TV drama is being re-made as a feature film reportedly starring JENNIFER LOPEZ, LUKE WILSON and SHIRLEY MACLAINE. He says, “I think it’s great. I was in a movie with John Travolta, PRIMARY COLORS, he was wonderful in that, just wonderful. “I’m very honoured he’ll be playing my part.” Actress Jennifer Lopez is close to signing on as JR’s alcoholic wife, SUE ELLEN EWING, and Hagman claims she’d be a perfect match for the role. He adds, “I think she’s a good match for just about anything.”

Source: Contact Music

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