Jennifer Lopez paid $25,000 for her vintage Oscar dress

Jennifer Lopez reportedly paid $25,000 at a vintage shop for the dress she donned at last night’s Oscars. The vintage green dress was designed by Jean Dessès. She wore jewelry by Fred Leighton and Lily et Cie.

9 Responses to “Jennifer Lopez paid $25,000 for her vintage Oscar dress”

  1. yamarie says:

    i like so like love her green dress. it looks so beautiful on her. marc as usually looked ugly.and like my favorite color is like green. awesome. srry i typed it like this but im in skool at lunch so im like hyper. lolz. madd love 4 my homie Jennifer Lynn Lopez. Boricua’s stand up.


  2. push says:

    omg! her dress is so beautiful!!! i love it! its so beautiful! OMG SHE SHOULD WIN FOR BEST DRESSED ON EVERYTHING!!! she looks so hot hot hot hot hot!
    i love u JENNIFER!

  3. Nancy says:

    OMG!!!Jennifer’s dress is so beautiful. She looks stunning. Gorgeous as always.

    I love you Jennifer!

  4. Qari says:

    The dress is beautiful, but 25.000?? :O What?? It isn’t from gold! Ya know what I mean.
    Eh but I guess she paid not for dress but for designer, although yes it’s really nice and Jenn looked in it awesome.
    I also loved a dress of Jessica Alba. Was really cute.

  5. laguitarra says:

    oh my god ! u look gorgeous jlo,u r my best singer in the whole wide world.ur green dress is fantastic and was the best in the last night’s oscars,but i prefered if u presented an award so that i can hear u talking more.i adore u jennifer.mwahhhhhhhhh.

  6. mido says:

    oh my god what a beautiful lady i love her so much she is gorgeous luv u jlo

  7. frenchlady says:

    she’s really beautiful in that dress too bad that marc spoiled the pictures!
    i don’t want to be mean but i just can’t stand him
    avec amour ……..

  8. Rasit says:

    jennifer looks like such a goddess in that dress. i love her sooooooooo much i can die for her i love jlo i love jlo jlo jlo jlo.But marc is pushing i don’t like him.i wish jlo & ben didn’t split up!!

  9. stephany says:

    hey have you realized that you could actually see like a little belly when she was wering the dress for the oscars

    you actually have to look carefully and see. i’m just praying to see if she’s finally pregnant.