Lopez, Lagerfeld Close NY Fashion Week

New York, Feb. 10, 2006 – We never dreamed that we’d use the words “Jennifer Lopez”, “Karl Lagerfeld” and “designers” in the same sentence, but each staged a fashion show on the same day. Tommy Hilfiger backs both lines, but we couldn’t work that into the previous sentence.

Both of Tommy’s superstars chose Friday, the final day of New York shows, with Lagerfeld capping the week with an 8 P.M. show at a West Chelsea location. Many exhausted reporters and photographers got to go home early when Lagerfeld organizers alerted media outlets that afternoon that there would be no celebrities at the show. “I called off my reporter; our fashion editors will cover the Lagerfeld show” a news editor of one major magazine told us Friday afternoon at Jennifer Lopez’s Sweetface show.

Lopez also held her show away from the Bryant Park tents, at an industrial space in the far West Village, late on Friday afternoon. The 20-minute show was small, with fewer pieces than most collections, and was repeated three times in one hour, with fresh guests being shuffled in for each segment. At one end of the space stood a riser, where the models paraded in front of an actual Airstream trailer, from which Lopez emerged to introduce each segment.

The atmosphere was relaxed, even with the star and her husband, Marc Anthony, roaming around. Bottled water and champagne dispensed from a hotdog cart were favorites of the fashionable guests; the fattening mustard-coated pigs in blankets, burgers and shot glass-sized chocolate and vanilla milkshakes, not so much.

Bennett Marcus/Open All Night


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