Jennifer Lopez will consider undergoing cosmetic surgery when her beauty starts to fade.

The sexy star insists she has no plans to go under the knife yet – preferring a natural beauty regime to preserve her good looks – but she won’t rule it out in the future.

Lopez, 36, says, “I don’t really see myself having any. But I’m not at that point yet, so I don’t know.”

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13 Responses to “LOPEZ IS OPEN TO SURGERY”

  1. marz says:

    please don’t. u dont need any!

  2. Sweet Candy says:

    She has already gone under the knife. She had a nose job a few years ago and it looks great.

  3. valery says:

    that is not true

  4. marz says:

    really? can anyone else confirm dat coz i doubt it very much

  5. AP says:

    lol i dont think she had nose job i think its broken or something still looks wierd but sexy lol

  6. valery says:

    i do not think that j.lo has a nose job a few years ago …….I MEAN IT!……….

  7. YM says:

    na i dont think so !

  8. push says:

    wow ‘sweet candy’ that is such B.S she has never gone ‘under the knife’ and i hope she never does! JLO DONT DO IT!!

  9. valentina says:

    ya true that is B.S she doesn’t need plastic surgery … well maybe when she is like 70

  10. JerseyGal says:

    Maybe, Just Maybe she has a tweak done on her nose years back. When you look at her Living Color pics on Google and then her recent photos, her nose does appear straighter with no little pug end. But then again…she may have just grown into her nose like most of us do…lol Either way…she’s hot…lol

  11. Sweet Candy says:

    I really think she did have one because her nose looked larger when she was younger back before on the 6 and now it looks sleeker. There is nothing wrong with getting a nose job. She was beautiful then and she is beautiful now. check out http://www.awfulplasticsurgery.com/jlo.htm At times I feel that this website exagerrates but it shows a side by side comparison.

  12. james says:

    i do not think that jenn has had a nose job NO WAY!!!!!!!!!

  13. jackie says:

    NO NO NO please dont go under the nife your so butiefull and stll will when you turn older