“Control Myself” Video Premieres Monday

Be sure to tune in to MTV’s TRL on Monday to check out the premiere of the new LL Cool J video “Control Myself” which also features Jennifer Lopez.

The show will be airing at 3:30 PM EST. LL Cool J will also be stopping by the show to give an interview.

13 Responses to ““Control Myself” Video Premieres Monday”

  1. kira says:

    This is such great news. I hope I’ll get out of school early enough to catch it.
    I can’t wait!

  2. valery says:

    oh my god!

  3. bridgette says:

    i though the video was really stupid. They should do it better then that!!!! fix it up a little more. K? i am telling you the truth and being honest with you!!!

  4. sandr perez says:

    I never heard the song but I think its going to up beat.

  5. james says:

    when is it comeing to the uk. i think the song is relly good .i think jlo should begain a new song out from rebrith alubm becaues she as only hade 2 song from it.

  6. rmjlolover says:

    I Can’t Wait To See it…. I’m So Excited!!

  7. HotSport says:

    YAYYYY!!! No school for me on monday so i get to watch it 😉

  8. marcus says:

    i cant wait 2 c it!!!! and i think LL is stopping by 106andPark too. so if yall miss the premiere on TRL…watch BET. it starts at 6:00.

  9. khalil says:

    ooh i wish i could get the MTV chanell 🙁

    can some of you tape the video, it wud be really kind?

  10. Naz says:

    wow…one more day guys….i’m very exited…

  11. jose says:

    i might not like it because thats not her song!!!!

  12. CRIP KILLA says:

    will the video be on BET any day soon????????

  13. lada says:

    well i already saw the video and its really good!
    i saw it on BET! everyone has to vote for it!