More Baby Rumors…..

Lopez and Anthony expecting baby girl?

Jennifer Lopez and husband Marc Anthony have re-fuelled rumours that they are expecting a child after Lopez recently closed a posh baby store down for a private shopping spree.

The Jenny From the Block singer had exclusive Petit Tresor in Los Angeles shut their doors for 45 minutes last month so she could shop uninterrupted.

A source tells MSNBC’s The Scoop: “She came with some woman, maybe a relative or an assistant, entered through the back, and bought thousands of dollars worth of things for a baby girl.”

From Irish Examiner and Contact Music

4 Responses to “More Baby Rumors…..”

  1. mido says:

    hmmm hope that jlo become pregnant and i wish that she ll have a nice cute girl like her mom to take the same rythm and place that her mom reserved in her life …. good news … come on jen and marc we want a baby 😛

  2. valery says:

    if she really is pregnant and it is a girl
    than she have also a big ass like j.lo shelf:P!

  3. Sebastian says:

    Maybe she’s making another basket cest for Ben Affleck’s baby, lol

  4. Leslie Q. says:

    I think everyone Is Over reacting, Jlo has A Couple of Nieces And nefews that she could have been shopping for, Let the girl breath! She will Have A baby when the Almighty up above say’s its time.