Jennifer Lopez & Marc Anthony have separate trailers on set

This is a dumb piece of gossip, but I thought I’d post it anyway:
Husband and wife JENNIFER LOPEZ and MARC ANTHONY are living apart on the New York set of their new movie EL CANTANTE.

The couple have only been married for 20 months, but are already seeking their own space, in the form of separate trailers.

J.Lo says, “We work really well together. Surprisingly so. He has his own trailer and I have mine.”

Source: Contact Music

Everyone knows actors don’t live on the set. Plus, they always have separate trailers for the main actors. This isn’t evidence that their relationship is on the rocks.

One Response to “Jennifer Lopez & Marc Anthony have separate trailers on set”

  1. Naz says:

    Exactly….i totally agree with this…people will always turn something she says into something else…fools..

    No matter what we love jennifer