JLo.net Contest Winners!

The winners of our $50 ShopJLo.com Gift Card Contest are:

Alan D. of Illinois, US
Juan Rafael S. of Guerrero, Mexico

Congratulations, guys! I hope you have a special lady to spend the gift card on!

Thanks to everyone for entering. We hope to have another contest soon!

4 Responses to “JLo.net Contest Winners!”

  1. Sebastian says:

    I disagree with the contest. I thought it was only for non-american persons ’cause there was another contest only for they.

  2. lux says:

    Sorry you feel that way. We didn’t set out to exclude anyone from the first contest. It just happens that the Monster-in-Law DVD prize was only playable in the US and Canada.

  3. Joy1282 says:

    Congrats guys! 🙂

  4. Sebastián says:

    After all I want to congrat to the two winners. What are you gonna to do with the gift card?