JENNIFER Lopez has demonstrated just how much she loves a wedding – by halting production on her new movie because it was disturbing a couple exchanging vows next door.

The actress was filming El Cantante with her husband Marc Anthony in Puerto Rico when they heard that movie trucks and crowds were blocking a hotel next door that was hosting a wedding.

Bride Juliana Rosales had spent a year planning her nuptials to Dennis Gonzalez and was incensed when a film staffer asked her to stop taking pictures at her own reception.

Juliana’s mother threatened to bring shooting to a standstill by screaming on a street corner until the cast and crew made way for her daughter.

When Jennifer and Marc heard about the trouble the film shoot was causing they halted production.

The celebrity couple met with the newlyweds to apologise, agreeing to pose for pictures with the pair.

Juliana told US Magazine: “Everyone apologised. I’m happy. I have a story to tell my kids.”

Sources: The Sun Online; Contact Music

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