Jennifer Lopez, Marc Anthony concert wraps up “El Cantante” shoot

San Juan, Feb 3 (EFE).- Nuyorican couple Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony wrapped up here with what amounted to a free concert the filming of “El Cantante” (The Singer) based on the life of Hector Lavoe.

The stars went to the Ruben Rodriguez Colosseum in Bayamon next to San Juan, where they shot a musical scene Thursday for the film about the life of the late singer.

Thursday night’s shoot recreated a Lavoe concert in New York’s Madison Square Garden that included the memorable songs “El Cantante” and at the final curtain, “Everything Comes to an End.”

To create a realistic atmosphere, 5,000 free tickets were given away and every seat in the house was filled.

The film is being produced by Lopez, who stars as Lavoe’s wife Puchi, while Anthony stars as Lavoe.

During the filming Thursday night Anthony stayed onstage at the Colosseum wearing glasses and a dark suit. Together with Cuban film director Leon Ichaso, Anthony told security personnel to let the concert-goers crowd around the stage.

Lopez, wearing a backless red dress, stayed in the wings where the audience could see her as part of the scene, but at times stepped onstage to thank the audience for their help and support.

According to Ichaso, “El Cantante,” which has been filmed principally in New York where Lavoe lived much of his life, is costing some $20 million to produce.

The picture tells the story of Lavoe (1946-1993), who in 1963, like thousands of Puerto Ricans, went to New York to seek a better chance in life.

There he performed with the New Yorker and Kako Colon orchestras before teaming up with Willie Colon in 1967.

Due to a series of misfortunes and a drug-addiction problem, he tried to commit suicide in San Juan by throwing himself from the ninth floor of a hotel in 1988, and finally died broke in 1993, shunned by his former friends.

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  1. Debbie says:

    I just wish i was here to see them together

  2. Juan says:

    does anyone know when the Video for control myself will be release??

  3. Maydi says:

    Did Jlo film a video with Don Omar “hold you down”?

  4. Lissette Zota says:

    When will the movie of Hector Lavoe play in the movies.