No Baby Yet For Jen & Marc

Do Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony have a baby on the way?

With every press junket we do with Ms. Lopez, we at Access have to ask, when are you gonna have a baby? What day? Boy or girl? What are you gonna name it?

“They force you to ask those questions, don’t they,” Jennifer smiled. “They do. They are, like, don’t come back without asking the baby question.”

And Tuesday, the answer is a resounding – not pregnant!

Despite reports that she and husband, Marc Anthony, were spotted stocking up on baby items, the couple, who flew to Puerto Rico Tuesday morning to continue shooting “El Cantante, are not expecting an addition.On Monday night’s “Tonight Show,” in a purple and white-striped, floor-length dress, Jen offered up even more evidence that she’s not expecting.

“I had to smoke for the last two movies I was in, so, I had to learn how to smoke and everything, so, that was a big deal for me,” Jennifer told Jay Leno. “You learn the habit of it, you learn how to do it and inhale.”
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10 Responses to “No Baby Yet For Jen & Marc”

  1. valery says:

    why is she not pregnant!!!! $%#@a&*.
    she will be a good mother
    i love you j.lo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. RENE MERCADO says:

    I have always dreamed of meeting jennifer lopez. I have been a fan of hers since she was a fly girl on IN LIVING COLLOR.

  3. zakes says:

    guys did you see jlo’s dress at jay leno show “OH my God” what is that monster of a husband doing to her and thank God she is not pregnant not marc’s child i really hate what this man is doing to her jlo use to be so sexy and now she dresses like she’s 50

  4. marz says:

    lol zakes u hav a very valid point… jus to be pesimistic, i dnt fink they’re gonna split up any time soon

    woteva makes u happy jen, luv ya!

  5. erin says:

    i love jen n marc! i want them to have a baby!

  6. valery says:

    go erin!
    i love you jlo!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. valery says:

    you are right MARZ!
    they are not gonna split
    if she has a baby girl she can call her name Selena

  8. jackie says:

    o well still love you jlo

  9. paloma says:

    she’s gonna have a baby? omg

  10. ellen richard says:

    you guys have to visit