J. Lo on The Tonight Show – tonight

Jennifer Lopez is slated to be a guest on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno tonight (Monday).

Other guests are James Carville and Ladysmith Black Mambazo with Sarah McLachlan.

Tune in at 11:35pm EST on NBC. We’ll have a video of it on the site after it airs.

8 Responses to “J. Lo on The Tonight Show – tonight”

  1. kosta says:

    i want to see this interview so much… has someone rip it???

  2. Yoan says:

    i want to see it … i was not home yesterday …

  3. Lindi says:

    Did you see the dress she was wearing on the Jay Leno show? J Lo looked absolutely stunning!!

  4. Joshua says:

    I seen it da other day and she looked amazing, she looked different but also in a good way but pretty it was weird lol but u kno jlo she alwayz starts a new trend so u kno beyonce is gonna be copyin her style lol….

  5. Donna says:

    Jennifer looked beautiful as always. I was glad to see she is doing very well. She was glowing. Its great that someone is finally doing a movie on Hector Lavoe. He had two hundred songs and each one was a hit. His life was filled with misery but I hope the focus of the movie is more on his accomplishments than his bout with drugs and drama. Granted it’s all a part of his life and deserves to be acknowledged but we do not need to highlite the stereotypes. You know what I mean! I have full faith that Jennifer and Marc Anthony — two of my favorite artists, many blessings — will do this film and this legend much justice.

    Peace, D

  6. Naz says:

    O when will we be able to download the video…? Hurry guys we can’t wait any longer…

    And Yes Jennifer looked stunning on as always…

  7. K says:

    Does anyone have a picture of that amazing dress she wore? I’ve been looking everywhere and haven’t seen it.

  8. stasia says:

    Well,i wanna start by sayin’ that jennifer was fly.her dreess was straight up amazin and she was just raw.im happy she cleared that up about her smokin’ cuz i aint want her to be smokin’ at all.im sorry to hurt anybodys feelins because she is my moma from tha heart 4 life.i enjoyed watchin her and she was straight up bangin lik i said and she just raw.im finna bounce but know one thing,before i leave this earth,im gonna meet jennifer.

    *********that chi town girl,