“South Beach” ratings a disaster

The first episode of South Beach came in 16th place last night for its time slot, and in the second hour it dropped to 17th. Compared with the last new episode of “Veronica Mars” (households: 2.4/4; adults 18-49: 1.4 on 12/7/05), “Beach’s” two-episode average was off a whopping 33.33% in households and 28.57% in adults 18-49 (thefutoncritic).

This is very bad news for the show.

14 Responses to ““South Beach” ratings a disaster”

  1. ragoo says:

    Awww..poor JLo!! lol

  2. Lucylover1986 says:

    I’m not surprised. I didn’t even bother watching since it’s not a show I’d be interested in and the reviews were terrible. It’ll probably be cancelled right away.

  3. nowandthen says:

    Jennifer is just taking on too many careers at one time. She’s an actress, movie producer, TV producer, singer, fashion designer, and mass merchandiser, with 5 perfumes out already. She also works on 2 and 3 projects at a time. I remembered when she did her first N.Y. Fashion Week show, and the next day she was scheduled to sing at the Grammy’s with Marc. When she was filming Bordertown she was making her Spanish album and following Marc on his tour. She’s filming El Cantante, and at the same time making a video and a single with LL Cool J. No harm meant to Jen, but people who are sincere and devoted to their craft just don’t switch back and forth like that. Its best to devote yourself to one and be the best you can be at it.

  4. lux says:

    I forgot about it and turned the tv on at about the time the second episode came on. I am obsessive about watching things from the beginning and not starting in the middle so I didn’t pay much attention to it so I could download it and watch later, but from what I saw, I really can’t see myself enjoying it.

  5. lux says:

    And I doubt Jennifer has spent much, if any, time on this project. She was probably paid to attach her name to it because of her association with that area/culture.

  6. cffrankie says:

    The show was on the same time as “LOST” new episodes and I watch “LOST”, “South Beach” has a rotten time slot, you cant compete against “LOST”

  7. Yohan says:

    everything that she does are comin bad lately xD LOL

  8. shaygan says:

    i still think theres hope for jen, i love ya chick!


  9. Georgie says:

    OHHHHH! i wish they showed it in australia coz then i’d watch it.
    u guys in usa r sooooo lucky coz u have the first of any jlo things like movies, perfumes.
    in aus they dont sell jlo by jennifer lopez things here except on ebay. but i did find jlo shoes except not a big variety and u can get jlo things anytime. unlike me. U LUCKY THINGS!

  10. Push says:

    i watched SOUTH BEACH(not the first episode but it was the one where pitbull lost his chain) and it was not that bad i liked it and i will continue watching it……. and since it is on the same time as LOST, which is a HUGE show it kinda is no good for SOUTH BEACH, but i bet if u change the timin it will be awsum!

  11. Sweet Candy says:

    The show was really bad. For some reason the shows on UPN usually don’t grab my attention unlike abc, cbs, nbc, or even WB. It’ll be cancelled for sure.

  12. dizzle says:

    oooo well i watched it and i think its a cool show as long as its on tv i will keep watching it

  13. Joseline says:

    i think Jennifer Lopez is doing what she enjoys doing.. she likes having to do more than one thing at the same time, and shes good at it too. the only reason some people might not like South Beach so much is because its new and they dont noe wat its about..but trust me itll become much better and more popular sooonn..everything she has done has been successful. i dont think she has any problem. in fact i think she should continue wat shes doing since that is wat shes good at and also wat she enjoys doing. im always on your track jennifer.

  14. Christina says:

    I love the show. It has a good charactors, and plot. Awsome Choice of music aswell. I find my self more interested in this show than I do anyother shows I watch on TV. I will continue to watch it as long as it airs.
    Good work Jen Keep it up!