New Song Leaked

The first single from LL Cool J’s album, “Todd Smith”, has leaked. The song is called “Control Myself” and features none other than Jennifer Lopez. Click here for lyrics.

16 Responses to “New Song Leaked”

  1. Georgie says:

    I*ve known that since like last september

  2. Ciliane says:

    Will JLO come here in France?And I would like to hear this song.

  3. AG says:

    SO WHERES THE SONG ????????

  4. ragoo says:

    wtf..why is everyone trying to get JD after this year. No one can do it like MC.

  5. Quinton says:

    The lyrics sound hot. I wonder how the video will look.

  6. Eveline says:

    I’ve heard the new song on internet and it sounds GREAT!!

  7. Jessie says:

    I heard the song on the radio last night. IT’S HOT!!!

  8. push says:

    i found the song on like this site and its prty good the beat is very good but the zezez…. part is kinda wierd like couldnt they do sumtin like lalala… or sumtin but w.e its aight but no offence to LL but his rhyumein skill arent any good. the bad thing about the song is that its like a story but w.e its good :p lol

  9. stasia says:

    i been on here more than a few times and 4 those who have seen my coments,they know that i love jlo to DEATH.with that being said,im feinding to hear this song and i wish some one would give me some information on how i can here it cuz i reslly want to 4 tryna hear it cuz i want that album and ill do any thing i can to support somebody please forward me on the information at 4get about that chi-town girl……………peace

  10. lux says:

    We have “Control Myself” and lots of other rare Jennifer Lopez downloads in our forums. You have to register to see them though.

  11. mario says:

    this is great that there is going to be a song with her in it but I want to know if she is realising any new misic by her.For example I heard she is doing some music in reggeton style and what about a third single from her cd Reabirth.(whats up with that)

  12. lux says:

    Mario, she’s going to be releasing a Spanish album soon. I’m not completely sure about the Reggaeton. There was a remix of one of her songs by a Reggaeton artist, and that might’ve fueled rumors. And lastly, I think we can give up any hope of a 3rd single from “Rebirth;” It’s just been too long since the 2nd one.

  13. zakes says:

    i really don’t think she’ll be releasing that spanish album, i think she might include those spanish songs in her next album (God knows when), i think she saw that it would be wise to do like her second album “jlo” mixing spanish songs with her r&b songs i don’t think the spanish album is going to be release hell look what happen to rebirth, people or her fans are still waiting for her to tour so i don’t think the is any spanish album coming out soon anyway i hope she does well in her next movies

  14. Zoran from Serbia says:

    The new song is sooo COOL!!
    FInally a great beat, and a song that’ll return popularity to Jenny! She made a great mistake for not releasing STEP INTO MY WORLD as a single!
    Even people who hated her, liked this song when i played it to them…
    I really hope that there’ll be the famous SPANISH album with Latin flava sound soon…

  15. james says:

    when is it comeing to uk

  16. mido says:

    i heard control myself for once and i loved this song its sounds great really congratulation ll cool j and jlo cool we want 2 c the video im so excitin 2 c it