JENNIFER LOPEZ’s jealous husband MARC ANTHONY has reportedly insisted a kiss is edited out of the Latina beauty’s latest fragrance advertisement.

The GET RIGHT singer, 37, was furious to watch his stunning wife kiss another man in the commercial for Live, her fourth perfume, and stepped in to edit it, according to US magazine In Touch Weekly.

An insider tells the magazine, “Marc’s the jealous type.”

“Even though he wasn’t the director of the project, he suggested to Jennifer that the kiss was a distraction, and she agreed.”

Source: ContactMusic


  1. marz says:

    k dnt get me wrong, i respect marc n evryfin coz he’s jen’s hubby but like… WHAT DA HELL!!!

  2. Nancy says:

    Well it’s a good idea that Jennifer agreed with Marc because there could have been a fight and would have led to another break-up. Stay sweet Jen! Love ya

  3. zakes says:

    if you ask me that was pathetic he show her that he doesn’t trust her, what happens if she gets a role where she has to kiss or worse sleep with another man is he also going to ask for that scene to be cut out,i really don’t like this marc his full of crap

  4. marcus says:

    that is outrageous! and i love & respect jen will all my heart and sole and look up to her as a role model but this makes no sense. she should have been left him! and i know she seems happy and all but she shoulda left him a long time ago!now im sure all of u understand what ppl mean when they say he is ruining her career! a stupid kiss! and zakes…i totally agree with u! he has effected her in so many ways career-wise. and another thing! the fool is cheap! and i even heard he forced jen 2 wear something else 4 some event because he thought it was 2 revealing! jen is grown woman and should be able 2 wear whatever she wants! and what does she see in that hot mess? can somebody please help me out!?!? cuz when i look at him i see some1 who shouldnt be with jen or in the same category with jen! ooh! can yall tell im mad?

  5. zakes says:

    i think jen is giving in to him cause she’s afraid of another marriage failling again but mark my words jen is is a free spirit sooner or latter she is going to leave him, cause he is just a controling freak and plz those who say that she is happy they should just give me a break the marc monster anthony took advantage of jen after she broke up with ben and you call that love. the only thing that marriage is a rebound

  6. isam says:

    zakes you are really mad.if you hate marc you probably hate music.there are few singers in the world today who can perform like marc can.jlo makes her own decisions and if you believe in jlo you will believe in her desicions.personally iam ver humiliated because i love marc’s music.don’t try to judge peaople with their looks.