Jennifer Lopez doesn’t put up with smug director

Don’t ask Jennifer Lopez to be in the same room as French video director Jean Baptiste Mondino. [PageSix] informants say Lopez hired Mondino, who has previously worked with Madonna, to shoot a TV commercial for her Live fragrance several months ago. “They butted heads from day one, and then they refused to speak to one another,” tattles [the] source. Rumor has it Lopez finally lost it when she overheard a nasty comment Mondino made about her – and told him to get out. “J.Lo took over the shoot and directed the job herself with a friend,” the source added. A rep for Lopez didn’t return calls.

Source: PageSix

You can download a high-quality video of the “Live” commercial from here.

2 Responses to “Jennifer Lopez doesn’t put up with smug director”

  1. Nancy says:

    F*** him, don’t worry, I’ll kick his ass for you!

  2. Anonimous says:

    He sux…but u RULE Jenny! 🙂