2005: A J. Lo Story

From Open All Night:

2005 was a big year for Jennifer Lopez. True, her marriage to Marc Anthony was in 2004, and they managed to stay rather quietly together, so you may have forgotten them a little. But while putting together our year-end wrap-ups, we quickly realized that J. Lo needed her own category.

Jenny from the block embraced her Nuyorican roots in a bigger way, co-opting the “West Side Story” logo for her own use. (We can just see the forthcoming remake with J. Lo as Maria, Colin Farrell as her Irish American lover Tony, and Marc Anthony as her brother Bernardo.)

La Lopez unveiled her luxe clothing line, Sweetface, with her first fashion show in New York in February. In front of that fire escape WSS-themed backdrop paraded skin-revealing clothing dripping with fur, cashmere and diamonds. Naomi Campbell brought the show to a stunning close modeling that ruffley jumpsuit in the photo at left. Clearly, J. Lo was born to design clothing. She and Marc Anthony stole the show at the multi-line Macy’s Passport fashion show benefit in September. Er, their celebrity drew lots of attention, anyway.

But fashion was just a blip on Jennifer’s 2005 schedule. She dropped a new album, “Rebirth”, and promoted it with concerts, TV appearances and in-store events. Lopez got all “around the way” at the Wango Tango concert in Anaheim in May, sporting a “F—k It!” t-shirt. Her wild, frizzy hairdo at that concert was perfect for her role of Puchi in “El Cantante”, a film she’s currently shooting.

J. Lo opened two movies in 2005, “Monster-in-Law” and “An Unfinished Life”. PETA protesters followed the fur-loving diva everywhere. They did some laid-back, California-style picketing at the “Monster-in-Law” premiere in Hollywood, and scared her off the red carpet at the “Unfinished Life” premiere.

J. Lo put on her businesswoman’s hat this year, producing the UPN TV show “South Beach”, which debuts January 11, and pitching it to advertisers at the Upfronts in May.

There’s a lot more, but we’re exhausted.

2 Responses to “2005: A J. Lo Story”

  1. jamez says:

    J.Lo is a great artist!!!
    this was her year!!!

    go J.Lo!!!


  2. Naz says:

    J.Lo is the best…way the go… we love you Jennifer always en forever…..

    and by the way we’re never exhausted of J.Lo but we are EXCITED…with what will come next…

    I wish Jennifer all the happiness in this world and good luck on all her projects and things she is doing…and ofcourse a blessed and happy and forever lovelife with marc….

    Happy New Year to Jennifer….