A Jennifer Lopez pokes fun at THE Jennifer Lopez in new E! ad

Scots namesakes are stars in their own right
By Brian Mciver
The Daily Record

THEIR passports always get a second look and every taxi booking takes twice as long. Hairdresser Hugh Grant and office worker Jennifer Lopez are cursed by having the same name as two of the most famous people on the planet.

But after years of suffering wisecracks the put-upon Scots are getting their own back by appearing in a series of adverts poking fun at their celebrity alter egos.

The Scottish Hugh Grant, 39, from Eyemouth, near Berwickshire, attempted to launch his own career in acting as a teenager, but is now enjoying backhanded fame thanks to the foppish English star.

But the 28-year-old Scots J-Lo is sick of being asked if her “bum looks big in this” and dislikes the films and music of her namesake.

Both Scots star in a series of international adverts for the E! Entertainment Channel, just launched in cinemas and on British and American TV, re-enacting a stereotypical moment from the celebrity’s life, and are also featured on posters posing next to stills of their other halves.

And both said they are delighted to finally get a small taste of the superstar treatment, after years of seeing their names in lights.

Jennifer, of Glasgow, said: “It was amazing to film the advert. It went in really quickly because it’s just a short spot, but it was great fun getting all the hair and make-up and pretending to be a star for a day.

“It makes a change from just having a famous name.”

It’s astonishing to think their names were both relatively innocuous 10 years ago.


Jennifer Lopez always had an unusual name for a girl growing up in Glasgow (the exotic surname comes from her Spanish-born father) but it’s in the last five years that it has really started turning heads.

When the New York diva followed her hit film Out Of Sight by launching her pop career, the friendly and bubbly office worker started getting double takes.

She said: “Everyone always says the same thing: ‘Does my bum look big in this?’ “It can be a real pain when you phone the bank or a taxi and always have to explain.

“I’ve also had some people hang up on me because they think I’m making fun of them or giving a made-up name.

“When I go to the doctor or the dentist I’ve asked them to start asking for ‘Miss Lopez’, but even that gets people’s attention and they will always ask me my first name.

“I also get a lot of second looks at my passport – I’m planning to go to New York next year so that should be fun going through customs there. But most people are really nice about it and say they think it’s great and I’m lucky, which is always really nice to hear.

“I do get approached all the time by TV companies wanting me to do quiz shows and other programmes, but I’m a bit shy.

“When they contacted me about the adverts, though, I thought it was such a good idea that I had to give it a try.”

She continued: “The funny thing is I don’t really like her films or think she’s much of an actress. The first time I spotted her name I was really surprised, and when she became a pop star everyone started talking about it.”

In her advert Jennifer is in a yoga class with a pal, wearing tight tracksuit bottoms, and asks a pal if her bum looks big in them.
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