Hollywood couple JENNIFER LOPEZ and MARC ANTHONY were forced to flee the New York set of their new movie EL CANTANTE after a fire broke out close to their trailers.

The couple, who have been filming the HECTOR LAVOE biopic together since the beginning of the week (beg05DEC05), were briefly evacuated from the set yesterday (06DEC05) after an electrical fire broke out underground – beneath Lopez’s trailer.

Filming wasn’t affected as it was taking place elsewhere. Later in the day, Lopez returned to her trailer to expect the damage.

Firefighters had managed to contain the fire underground.

Source: ContactMusic


  1. Lucylover1986 says:

    Not to make this a big joke but this is God’s way of telling them don’t make a movie together, lol!

  2. matty3w says:

    Thank God no one was hurt. Marc and Jen will do fine together. They’ve had a good working relationship, and great chemistry in their joint videos (his “No Me Conoces” and her “No Me Ames”). It was unfortunate about the Grammys, but sometimes things happen. That came on the heels of her first fashion runway show, a change of climate, plus an airplane ride (the worst thing for her developing cold/virus). Gigli had a lousy screenplay imo; no mystery or divine intervention there.

  3. zakes says:

    dude this is not a music video it’s a movie and besides marc anthny is not that good of an actor, they should make sure that jlo takes the lead in this movie cause she has done couple of movies and the actually reached the no 1 in the box office so ya, personally i think Lucylover1986 is right, i don’t mind listen to mark anthony but watching him act is another story and i know most people would agree with

  4. lux says:

    How is Jennifer going to take the lead if the biopic is about a man? :p

  5. Sweet Candy says:

    I am totally looking forward for this movie to come out because I grew up listening to Hector Lavoe and I often pop in my mom’s old records and listen to “Calle Luna Calle Sol” or “Tu amor es un Periodico de ayer”. Especially around the holidays I will play Hector Lavoe, Willy Colon, La Lupe and the old stuff from El Gran Combo. I’m definitely a Salsa junkie. Hector Lavoe’s life was struck with tragedy after tragedy which makes for a good movie. Although I’m a huge Marc Anthony fan because the man can really sing like no other, I’ve never cared for Marc Anthony’s acting but I can’t imagine this movie being another “Gigli” because there is a really good story being told as apposed to Gigli which had a very weak plot. Just as Hector Lavoe’s music was a big part of my life and childhood, I’m sure it was also a big part of Marc and Jen’s life cause we are around the same age. I feel that they will play these two characters very pationately because it’s more personal to play real people that you have some sort of connection with than playing made up characters. I pray that Marc’s inexperience in acting doesn’t stand in the way of a good movie. If you go to http://www.popsugar.com/4461 you’ll see a few pics from the filming of the movie. The makeup people did an awesome job of making the georgeous and flawless Jennifer look older and not so flawless. She looks so much like Puchie (Hector’s wife) that it’s scary. Especially her hair. On that site you can click on a bunch of different things that will direct you to other sites containing more pics of the filming of movie. In one you can see a few pics of Marc in costume and it’s unbelievable how they got him to resembel Hector so much!! The hair is perfect. I really hope that the writing is good and that Marc and Jen portray Hector’s and Puchi’s life realistically and not sugar coated. The guy was heroin addict and he had Aids and died from an aids related complication. Can’t wait to see it!

  6. zakes says:

    talk about boipic that is going to waste money!!! in “an unfinished life” they menaged to change the leading roles from jlo to that old man so if they can pull that one off i see no problem in doing the same thing with this movie 😀 biopic or not it doesn’t really matter cause not alot of people are really going to watch it, but i pray that bordertown is good she cannot aford to have another movie or album flop 🙂

  7. matty3w says:

    Movie attendance is down in general. El Cantante (Hector Lavoe) is an independent film, which usually means a limited run, as was with An Unfinished Life. I think Marc has a fine singing voice and is a good character actor who welcomes challenge. Jen’s best notices, with a few exceptions, have been in dramas as a supporting actress.


  8. soso says:

    oh god…take the hint…don’t make a movie with your man…especially that ugly Marc Anthony…he could sing amazingly…but he looks like a little crackhead from the bronx…you know Jen…like the one’s that use to ride on the 6.

  9. zakes says:

    Amen to that soso 🙂

  10. x says:

    Ya’ll im really shocked i just saw pics of jen smoking oh my god… lol i thought she didn’t smoke or drink…
    LOl jen is changing n i bet its coz of marc cause she never use to smoke lolll.

  11. zakes says:

    guys did you see the pictures of jlo smoking on the of el cantante was it for the movie or has she been under stress, if she is really smoking the only one person to blame marc anthony,this is the site that the news came from http://popsugar.com/ this means one thing the is trouble in paradise hopefully she gets rid of him before things get out of hand

  12. Terri says:

    I think they are both gonna be great in the movie. I love them together. Can’t wait to see the movie. Don’t understand why some people want her to have another failed marriage. It’s not like any of you have to live with Marc, who I thinks treat her better than anyone she’s been with. It’s her life, not yours and she is a grown women. You think she sits around caring what some of yall think of her husband? News flash, NO!! lol

  13. matty3w says:

    Jen was smoking the cigs quite openly in the photos, so my first thoughts were that this is a part of the character she’s portraying in the film. That short skirt she wore was straight out of the 1970’s (I had one just like it 😉

    It’s possible Jen was holding the cig for hubby while he was doing his scenes, and she decided to take a few puffs (yes, that happens)..

    From the other pix taken, it looks like Jen had many crying scenes they were filming. I think Hector Lavoe and his wife lost their child in an accident. Working herself up for those funeral/burial scenes was probably very stressful.

    I don’t smoke, but I’ll continue to be a fan whether or not Jen changed her mind and started to smoke, has smoked and decided to stop hiding, or believes in being “in character” for certain roles. Just because we admire someone, professionally or whatever, it really isn’t fair to expect them to be perfect, is it?

    BTW, don’t know if it’s true, but I’ve read that Jen has privately smoked cigars once in a while, dating back to her days w/ Diddy (Puffy, etc).

  14. matty3w says:

    “…this is the site that the news came from ______THIS MEANS ONE THING the (sic) is trouble in paradise hopefully she gets rid of him before things get out of hand.”



  15. nowandthen says:

    I am a big fan of Jen and Marc and adore them both, but I must be honest. Marc doesn’t look anything like Hector Lavoe except for the hair and sunglasses they put on him, and they could have put that on anyone. He is way to skinny and does not even have the facial features of Hector Lavoe.

  16. matty3w says:

    If you were really a fan of Marc Anthony’s, how could you EVER FORGET to mention Marc’s gorgeous, expressive SALSA singing voice ??? If that is not a key to capturing the soul of Hector Lavoe, then NOTHING else is! So, what (or who) is on your agenda (Really)?

  17. zakes says:

    most people who start to smoke is either they think that smoking is cool or they are under alot of stress , i mean jlo use to be so proud of her healthy living not smoking and not drinking,it’s almost like we seeing the jennifer we know who was full of life,music and happiness drifting away, through out her relationships the was that joy in her face now i don’t know she looks a bit down and serious and now the smoking !!!!! i don’t know but i’m worried, when she was with ben she was really happy and she didn’t fake it you could tell everybody knew she was in love they could see and i think she is with mark cause she’s afraid to be alone, 5 months after ben & jen broke up she married marc, come on guys lets face it he was just a substitute for ben, if you ask me he’s been doing the substitute job for a long period of time now

    love you all

  18. terri says:

    Well, I think she’s more happy and settled than she’s ever been. I think they are very much in love with each other. I’m glad she’s no longer with Ben and has found peace, happiness and a quiet life with Marc.

    All those people who said they wouldn’t even last 6 months seem to be coming up with other excuses now that they are still together. Why can’t it be that they really are truly in love and happy.She doesn’t always have to please the fans with what she does.
    I wish nothing but peace and happiness to them both. I don’t care that she is not doing all she used to do. It’s called balancing career and personal life.

  19. zakes says:

    thats were you’re wrong terri jlo wouldn’t be doing all of this if it wasn’t to please her fans and making herself happy and i love jennifer as an artist but lets face it if she doesn’t watch it her career will go under whether we her fans like it or not rebirth flopped and her charecter in in “an unfinished life” was was slammed by critics and now she says that she wants to release a spanish album(is she gonna tour for that or will she be busy making movies?) the fact is men came and left in jen’s life but she always had herself,her music and her energy and the drive to be the best and just because marc&jen have lasted 1 half year that doesn’t mean nothing we can wake up tomorrow and we find on the news that they broke up, and she should have learnt her lesson the last time never mix your personal life with your work it doesn’t work, i pray whether jen stays with marc or not that through the process her career is preserved, and you say she is trying to balance her personal life and her professional life well whether we like it or not she still has a long way to go interms of her career

  20. Sweet Candy says:

    Terri,I couldn’t have put it better myself. Nowandthen, Hector Lavoe was a true salsa legend. I am sure that there hundreds of better actors out to play this role BUT no actor in Hollywood will be able to capture the true essence of Hector Lavoe the way that Marc can because it’s a personal connection that he has with Hector’s music. For those of you that really know salsa, you know that it’s not just a kind of music. It’s like a form of life; you live it you breathe it. it’s part of our heritage and our roots, it’s power is stronge and it’s more than what I can explain with words. Although Marc does not have a history of being a great actor he has something more important than that when it comes to playing a person like Hector Lavoe. I am convinced that Marc and Jen have not made this movie to rock the box office. This is a pet project for them and wheather it does well in thearters or not is not the point. All true salsa lovers will be interested in watching Marc, a salsa legend himself, portray Hector Lavoe. I think that they want the world to know who Hector was but they also want to portray Hector’s life for all of the Hector fans that are out there. Not everyone is a Salsa fanatic but I’m sure that this movie will not only satisfy all the old school Salsa lovers in the world. Let’s not knock the movie before we’ve even seen a trailer. BTW Puchi, Hector’s wife was practically a chain smoker.

  21. Terri says:

    Sweet Candy you are so right about the movie. It’s an independent movie not aimed at the big box office, but more to tell the story of Hector’s life. I’m so excited about this project and I’m so glad Jen decided to do it along with Marc.

    For everyone who’s doubting Jen what she’s doing or not doing, it’s her life. I admire her for taking chances on what she believes in. People are always bringing up her working with her partner. My thing is if a relationship is solid, it’s not going to fall apart because you work on a project together. As far as her movies are concerned, the only other project she went into while together with someone was Jersey Girl. When she did Gigli, she was NOT involved with Ben. They were involved when by the time movie was released.

    Happiness is not just about your career. A big part of life is having that special someone to share your life with. I think she has finally found that with Marc. I pray that they have a long wonderful life together.

    Anything can happen in life, but for people waiting around for them to end, I think you’re going to be very disappointed. They’re SOLID!

  22. matty3w says:

    Terri and Sweet Candy ~ Loved your comments!

    Remember, just after their wedding, how someone offered to donate something like $100,000 to any charity chosen by Jen and Marc IF they remained married at least 18 months ? Well, they just passed the 18 mos. mark. Wonder how we can find out if the offer still stands.

  23. yuri says:

    ok well i completamente agree with sweetcandy and terri. this movie is defintly was not intended 2 go to the box office. This movie was ment to honor a salsa legend hector lavoe as you said.

    I dont think ppl should be dissin the movie before they’ve even seen it or seen a trailer for it. ppl say that this movie isnt gonna go great or get a lot of hits. but do they no HOW MANY puerto ricans or cubans live in the US. i dont no about the cubans but most puerto ricans love salsa and are definetly gonna watch it. Even if some dont like it they are defintly gonna watch it because its a piece of there pride being filmed. IM A HUGE salsa fan ive been hearin it all my life but even if i never listened to salsa i would still watch it cause its about an icon from PUERTO RICO and us puerto ricans honor that.

    I dont know why ppl are dissin the main actors that were chosen for this movie. but they had to chose someone who was puerto rican and that experienced the love of salsa.
    lets face it there arent alot of puerto rican actors famous in the English community so it only seems fair to get some one that the ENglish community knows. I mean they could of got someone that sounds more like HEctor like eddie santiago or frankie ruiz but frankie is dead and eddie well doesnt look anything like him and isnt an actor and the english community dont know who they are.

    i bet some are like they would of got someone thats not rican well if they did i no most of the puerto ricans i know would of got pissed. i no my dad did when my mom told him that they chose a mexican actoress to play hectors wife for the spanich version of el cantante. i mean would you want lets say tupac to be played by a white guy or say someone in the mafia played by a asian? no you want the real thing dont u? i no i do.

    and also for the people who are dissin the relationship btw marc and jennifer cant you guys have some faith. I know ever since jlo did selena ive been a HUGE FAN and some ppl dont know that marc and jenny had a thing for each other about 10 years ago. Marc anthony loved jlo and she loved him but she was with diddy. there has always been something going on with jennifer lopez and marc anthony since they’ve met. ppl are like oh they just got together bla bla bla but they didnt just get together. some ppl say that jennifer and marc were havin an affair before the whole ben and jen thing happened. I dont know if there gonna be together forever and i dont know whats gonna happen but stop actin like jennifer lopez is like liz taylor shes only been married once now and shes been engaged 3 times. so its not like shes been married 5 times or anything.
    but i may be wrong maybe it wont work out but im still gonna have faith. and if you guys are true fans you would too. well i hope this didnt offend or make anyone angry it wasnt intended to.
    well thanks for listening to my oppinion.
    ya tu sabe

  24. inanimous says:

    Wow! Thank goodness they’re alright!

  25. Jovani says:

    For the most part, havent you noticed that the least people with talent or that wouldn’t have the tamarindos to do what mark and Lo would do on stage and films, are always the one’s throwing dirt, Dios mio…. give the hate a break. yo te digo una cosa, Im glad that this film is going to come out Im very glad Im sure that if the story is acted right there will be allot of cleared out theory’s but we do not know what of his life they are going to show, because ‘endito lo que no le a pasado a ese hombre, he was involved in all environments in one way or a other, not only talking about Puerto Rican migration history but Italian and Cuban history as well. Especially when it comes to sounds and mix of tunes in jazz etc. at the same time it should explain in detail stuff about the word salsa, and in what way it was used. and why, yo creo que people should be asking when the movie is going to be ready what places its going to be available. Instead of just throwing dirt on people that have accomplished more then what they will ever accomplish in two life times. Por que nadie sabe lo que hay en la hoya , solamente quien lo menea

  26. Lybia Anel says:

    Whatever…Marc Anthony is very talented and a very beautiful person. And as for Jennifer she is a wonderful actress. She showed what she could when she brought Selena back to life. Jennifer and Marc are a perfect match. They came for the same place and have arrived at the same place. He is a very passionate artist. I am sure it is beyond great where it matters!