Pirelli Calendar leaked on eBay

Multiple copies of an exclusive 2006 calendar featuring photographs of scantily clad stars including JENNIFER LOPEZ and KATE MOSS have been leaked for sale on auction website eBay.

Staff at tyre maker Pirelli, the firm behind the VIP calendar, are selling the limited edition item online in order to make some extra cash.

The calendars are collector’s items as only 35,000 are printed, and they are reserved for employees, VIPs and elite clients. None are sold to the public.

But the tyre firm is disappointed in its cash-hungry workers.

A spokesman says, “There’s nothing to stop employees selling their calendars but it’s not something we are totally happy about.

“People are given them as gifts and we hope they would keep them.”

The limited edition souvenir has a staggering reserve price of $1700 (GBP1000).

Source: Contact Music

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