Lopez And Kwatinetz : The Battle Of Who Could Care Less

TOP Hollywood manager Jeff Kwatinetz needs to keep a better eye on his schedule.
The head of The Firm, the talent management company that lost a bundle of A-list stars this past year, set up two meetings with his client Jennifer Lopez, and failed to show both times without explanation.

The missed appointments happened the week of Sept. 5, the same week Lopez’s movie “An Unfinished Life” premiered.

A source told PAGE SIX: “She was in town for her premiere. Jeff set up a couple of meetings, and as a favor to Jeff she took the meetings. She shows up at the first meeting and waits. He never shows. At some point J-Lo said as a joke, ‘OK, so I guess I will lead the meeting. What are you proposing?’ ”

Kwatinetz rescheduled the meeting for another day and once again failed to show up. He never explained why he missed the appointments, our source said.

Firm spokesman Mark Pollock said he could not say whether or not a meeting was missed because Kwatinetz was traveling. But he said: “There are eight hours of meetings a day and meetings get missed sometimes. The important thing is that there is no problem between Jeff and Jennifer Lopez. This sounds like somebody trying to drive a wedge between them for their own reasons.” […]

Meanwhile, the irked Lopez is still sticking by Kwatinetz, at least for now. “He is technically her manager but only gets commission off of the deals he sets up for her,” the insider said.

“So far, he has done nothing for her, so he has earned no commission from her. It costs her nothing to keep him on and is no skin off of her nose.”

From Yahoo News

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