South Beach update: reduced to 8 episodes

UPN has confirmed the freshman drama “South Beach” will premiere in January, where it will fill the Wednesday, 8:00/7:00c hour during the break between the fifth and sixth editions of “America’s Next Top Model.” No firm premiere date however was specified. In addition, the network has confirmed it will only produce eight installments of the series, down from its initial order of 13 episodes. The project revolves around “Matt (Marcus Coloma) and Vince (Chris Johnson), best friends filled with aspirations of a better future, as they abandon their world as they know it and head to the alluring paradise of sandy beaches, beautiful people and hot spots in glamorous South Beach.”

Source: thefutoncritic

CORRECTION: reader Nellard reminded me that the episode order was cut back because costs have been rising due to the recent hurricanes in Florida. Sorry for the misleading original post.

7 Responses to “South Beach update: reduced to 8 episodes”

  1. Nellard says:

    The number of episodes was cut because the show films in Flordia and was delayed by three months because of the hurricanes. The production costs have been adding up.

  2. lux says:

    Thanks for reminding me. I’d forgotten about that. I’ve edited the post.

  3. jloslave says:

    yes.its so perfect.jennifer making good everything.i cant watch it.but i will buy so exciting for dvd.jenny ur my everything.thx friends about for post

  4. bryan says:

    sounds a lot like the o.c. whatever the o.c. is my first love!

  5. Quinton Allen says:

    I heard Vanessa Williams is supposed to be on the show as well. Am i correct in my assumptions?

  6. ambrien says:

    i was just wondering what is the song u play on the commercial of south beach..
    ..i cant sleep.. icant eat..sumthin sumthin

    its driving me crazyyy pleasee let me know

  7. Marilyn Fontanez says:

    I watched South Beach not knowing what to expect. I watched it the whole two hours and I loved it. Go JLo, Go JLo, Go JLo.