Bordertown filming wraps; JLo to start filming El Cantante soon.

Nuyorican, Jennifer’s production company, recently completed filming its first feature film, BORDERTOWN, co-starring Jennifer and Antonio Banderas.

Jennifer will soon begin filming EL CANTANTE, a feature she is producing about the life of Hector Lavoe, in which she will also star.

Stay tuned for more film news as it becomes available.

6 Responses to “Bordertown filming wraps; JLo to start filming El Cantante soon.”

  1. Quinton Allen says:

    I am so glad this movie is done. I can’t wait to see it!

  2. zakes says:

    can’t they find anothre actor for EL CANTANTE besides marc i mean really his really not a professional actor

  3. xox says:

    zakes at least he knows what salsa is and everything about the guy’s life 🙂

  4. Quinton Allen says:

    Also, he isn’t that bad, in fact he is not bad at all. Did you see him in Man On Fire? Quite good.

  5. Caroline Rivas says:

    Marc Anthony is a good singer, but why didn’t they get another singer for instance Domingo Quinones. He portrayed Hector Lavoe in the Off-Broadway version in NY. Domingo was AWESOME! I guess it is nepotism.

  6. Marilyn says:

    Marc Anthony is great!!Thank god he will be one of the feature stars in JLO’s new production about the life of Hector Lavoe. Domingo Quinones was great in “Quien Mato a Hector Lavoe” but Marc Anthony deserves a chance he is a great singer and actor…..LOVE HIM…..