Pirelli Calendar Photos

You can see the photos from the Pirelli Calendar at the link below. Warning: Lots of female nudity. Don’t get too excited; Jennifer isn’t nude. :p


If you sign up for free premium membership on the site, you can also see some behind-the-scenes photos (2 of Jen) and a behind-the-scenes video. It’s a rather long video and Jen’s segment is the very last one if you want to fast forward.

2 Responses to “Pirelli Calendar Photos”

  1. sanny says:

    hey, has anyone seem the video for cherry pie. MY friend said she saw a the end of it on mtvbase like on november 8th. Has anyone else please if u haveplease sayw where..
    Oh yeah jen looks hot on the pic lol .

  2. sandy says:


    Where is jen’s pic on the pirreli site?
    Couldn’t find it….